NEWS : Bedraggled but Iconic Federal Canadian Broadcasting Company considers partnering with TurnCoat VICE Media

Previously considering punching Shane Smith in the Face upon First Ncounter but if he partners with CBC b4 LLWAM I'll have to escalate Vengence to Kick in the Nuts HAHAHAHA Seriously Heather Conway of the CBC - VICE Media is Sxist & HAVENT U HEARD WHAT SHANE SAID ABOUT CANADA IN FORBES?????? WHAT A $ELLOUT HE THINKS VICE SUCCEEDED CAUSE MOVED TO NYC RATHER THAN SUCCEEDED IN NYC CAUSE VICE MOJO CANADIAN. DON'T LET HIM GET AWAY WITH THAT SHIT LADY FRIEND HE'LL ONLY RESPECT U IF U CANADA WHIP HIS FATASS
  Shane Smith in National Legacy will be renounded for Canada's Most Spectacular MidLife Crisis. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA.


Return of Queens

Misogyny : PreJudice against Women
Girls should be mbarassed of Natural Body Functions says Raving Misogynist associated with WebSite for Grumbling Lonely Man Idiots published to Thought Catalog. I think Misogynists like him should be mbarassed. Here’s 12 Reasons why.

1. Misogynists are Stupid – this Return of Kings - for Masculine Men ( HA ) Misogynist wrote this Article for Thought Catalog imagining Devoted Woman without Bodily Functions would leap on his Dick Xcitely thanks to his Obviously Sage Pronouncements about how she should live in Disgust at her Body because he does. He is Stupid imMature and Probably Constipated. He is awarded Pity Sx. Has he raped a Woman?

2. Misogynists are Violent – When you accuse a Misogynist of being Misogynistic the Misogynist becomes Violent. A Misogynistic Man will beat a Woman to a Pulp he will kill her to convince the Woman he is heteroSxual Man I remember when I asked this 6 Foot Cokehead if he had considered the Possibility he is biSxual and he yelled “I like Pussy!” at me Pussy until I cried and fled my House. Clearly that Misogynist is Both Stupid and Violent.

3. Misogynists are Sxuallyrepressed – Misogynists are Misogynistic because Misogynists don’t get laid enough. Misogynists don’t get laid enough because they are Misogynistic. A Vicious Cycle of Misogyny.

4. Misogynists are Everywhere – Most Men I have been with have been Misogynistic and I have been with a Lot of Men. Misogyny is Common in the Media and in Older Generations Young Men absorb it reproduce it think it is Normal and Right to consider Women Lesser and disGusiting and to be controlled and beaten down and relegated to the Domestic Sphere. How Misogynists treat Women is how they treat their Own Emotions. If you disdain your Emotions you disdain Women you are Misogynistic. A Misogynistic Man will beat up anOther Man for coming Near his Women his Emotions he is homoPhobic.

5. Misogynists are Hypocrites – Misogynistic Men think it is Proper Women be Monogamous and Men Promiscuous. They claim Things about Biology. They are covering up for the Notion it is also Biologically to a Woman’s Advantage to be Promiscuous Multiple Genetic Fathers for her Children.

6. Misogynists are Greedy – Misogynists think Feminine People should accept the Short End of the Stick so Masculine People can have the Long End. Like All Greedy People Misogynists are Ultimately undone by their Greed. There is Only One Stick and Broken it is too Short to accomplish AnyThing.

7. Misogynists are Drug Addicts – Most of the Misogynistic Men I have known have been Drug Addicts compensating for Emotional Self-Alienation overconsuming inToxicants. Taking too Many Drugs makes Stupid Violent Misogynists More Stupid and More Violent.

8. Misogynists are Rude – This One Time my Stupid Violent Misogynistic BoyFriend said “Everyone thinks White Women are the Best.” I said “That’s Racist.” He proceeded to xplain it wasn’t a Racist Thing to say it was a True Thing to say. I said even if it was True it was True on Account of Racism. I asked my BoyFriend to apologize and he wouldn’t. He yelled at me for causing a Scene. He punched a Hole in the Wall.

9. Misogynists are unFair – Misogynists think they ought to rule World have Sx handed to them with Dinner by Stepford Wife Never queefs or talks back or has Ambitions beyond Kitchen & Babies & Sxually Pleasuring Man. Meanwhile Misogynist gets to go out and have Adventures and fuck who they want ( see Hypocrites and Greedy ). Misogynists thus divide Women into Two Classes: Madonnas and whores. Madonnas are Monogamous Mothers. whores are All Other Women. This is unFair to Women who are Much More Complx than Simplistic Hierarchal Division of imPossible Ethereal Perfection versus Vile Objectified Xploitability.

10. Misogynists are inSane – Misogynists live in a Fantasy World of inFlated Self-Worth. They xpect Feminine People to behave according to their unWarranted Sense of Masculine Superiority.

11. Misogynists are Lousy at Sx – Good Sx is about being in Touch with your Emotions. Misogynists are out of Touch with their Emotions as to disdain Emotions is to disdain Women. U can’t be Good at Sx if you disdain Women even if you are a homoSxual Man.

12. Misogynists are not Funny – I can’t remember the Last Time I laughed at a Misogynistic Joke and jody will tell you I spend a Lot of Time laughing.


Gangster’s Guide to Justice = Outlaw Anarky

Dear Alt Lit Friends. Like Adolf Hitler became Worlds Most inFamous Fascist because he didnt get in to Artskool given Clique Insiders Misogynistic refUsal to acknowledge my Literary Prowe$$ and because Prostitution is LameO I’ve decided to try my Hand at New Profe$$ion: Gangster. like I think if I’m going to be a Writer I’m gonna be the Best Writer if I’m a Gangster I’m Queen of Gangsters. As Newly Self-Crowned Queen of the Black Market UnderWorld here is my Guide to outLaw Justice. 
Gangster’s Guide to Justice
Outlaw Anarky 
Golden Rule
Stick to that Rule no break no Law

What follows are Suggestions based on Observations

Gangsters serve A Crucial Social Function. They are Drug Dealers Arms Dealers Debt Collectors Racketeers Pirates and Gambling Regulators Ideally they serve as Body Guards Sx Workers and Private Armies. Calling Gangster Professions ‘ilLegal’ criminalizing Gangsters is iMoral and Hypocritical. Calling them ‘Bad Guys’ to justify their inCarceration and Stigmatization is Short-Sighted. Gangster Professions have always been Legal Gangster Professions back Most if not All Nation States. The Fundamental Legality of Gangster Professions Demand = Supply ACcounts for the Proliferation and Growth of Gangster Cliques Such as TurtleisLand Hells Angels Italian Mafiosi or Russian Mob. Law NForcement’s Bureaucratic imPotence at incarcerating Gangsters and eradicating them is evidenced in the Most Effective ‘Law Nformcent’ Strategy thus Far being underCover Operations in which PoliceMen funded by the State which is funded by High Level Gangsters pretend to be LowerLevel Gangsters! At what Point are we All just getting along Fine? Criminalization of Gangster Professions is Hypocritical eSpecially considering how Much State Citizens like watching outLaw Gangsters on tV.

ACknowledging Gangsters provide Crucial Social Services and their Professions are Legal will go a Long Way towards reducing Violence in Gangster Cliques as we are Only as Sick as our Secrets. Feeling compelled to weave Complx Webs of Lies around their Righteous Professions makes Gangsters irRitable and Liable to xplode in Violent Confrontation. Feeling that their Professions are disrespected by being ‘Criminalized’ makes Gangsters disrespect and disregard Other Perhaps More Valid National Laws like No Murder No Theft.

Gangsters like Wolves are Violent Territorial Pack Animals. Ideally like Wolves they kill within Reason and are not Violent unless they feel encroached upon by either a Rival Gang or State Law Nformcement * a Rival Gang. Offering Gangsters Respect for their Legitimate Professional Services as Drug Dealers Arms Dealers Gamblers Hired Armies Sx Workers will go a Long Way towards reducing Violence in these Male Dominant outLaw Communities and spillover of Violence into Citizen Communities.
Gangster outLaws are Overwhelmingly Patriarchal & their Communities are organized according to Hierarchal Pyramid Structure wherin Lower Level Gangsters pay Dues to Higher Level Gangsters in Order to receive Physical Protection and Professional Wisdom. Pyramids beside Pyramids within Pyramids Each topped by Regional National interNational “Bo$$ ”. 
Persuasions of Bo$$ determine Persuasions of those below him on Pyramid. If Bo$$ is Cruel Men below him will be Cruel Women will be Cruel. If Bo$$ is Benevolent the Men below him will be Benevolent the Women will be Benevolent. Bo$$es are always undone by their Personal Failings and these always tie in to how they treat Women Sxually. The Stronger the More Just of Greater inteGrity the Bo$$ the Stronger the Gang the Longer the Bo$$ will remain a Bo$$ the Longer the Gang will remain a Gang metafor Hardon.
Gangster climbs Ranks of Patriarchal Power Pyramid by proving Strength and inteGrity. Violent reACtive imPulsive Gangster may achieve Power Quickly by taking out Rivals but he will be taken out by Rival just as Quickly as we die as we have lived. Gangsters respond inStinctively to displays of Strength & inteGrity as can be witnessed in Easy ACceptance of Assertive Confident underCover Cops in Gang Circles: show Gangster Strength and inteGrity Gangster respect u turn Gangster. 

Most Gang Wars break out over Lack of Respect shown by One Gang to anOther. OutLaw Gangsters fight with State Cops because State Cops don’t respect outLaw Gangsters. State Cops fight Gangsters because Gangsters disobey State Citizen Laws. When a State Cop respects an outLaw Gangster that Cop becomes an outLaw Gangster thus Cops are Easy to corrupt and the Most Effective Ones at sniffing Corruption among Gangsters and sending them to Prison for it are underCover Cops who are trying to make Friends with Gangsters. Gangsters are the Cops in their Communities. Territorial Wars between outLaw Gangs are about Lack of Respect shown Personally Professionally to Local Symbology and Black Market Territorial Dibs. 

Female Gangster or Courtesan asserts Power by having Sx with Greatest Number of Men at Highest Levels of Patriarchal Gang Pyramid. More ‘Top Dog’s a Female Gangster has in Love with her and having Sx with her the Greater her Power over the Gang and its ACtivities. Sxual Monogamy is Kryptonite to the Female Gangster. A Woman who is Primarily Sxually-Monogamous to a Male Gangster is not a Gangster she’s the Wife of a Gangster: she is CI: Citizen Innocent not to be held ACountable for Male Gangster’s ACtivities and thus ought to be protected by State Law Nforcement as Such. A Feminist Gangster Queen rules through Sxual Maneuvering. Thusfar Rare Feminist Gangster ( as opposed to Equally Rare Woman Patriarchal Gangster Cocaine Queen Griselda Blanco ) appears Witch performs Symbolic Sxual Rituals in Order to xert Power over Male Gangsters. She has no Need of State Law Nforcement or nonConsensual Killing as her Only Law is Love.
It is not Simply a Matter of Numbers for the Woman Gangster or Courtesan but Numbers within Ranks. A Woman Gangster has Sx with Multiple Bo$$es and their Closest Associates is More Powerful than CI Wife has Sx with One Gangster or a Woman Gangster who has Sx with a Larger Number of Men at Lower Levels of the Hierarchal Pyramid. While a Male Gangster moves up the Ranks by showing Respect Loyalty and Deference to Senior Gangsters as Well as his Unique Professional Skills a Woman Gangster chooses Men at the Level she wishes to assert herSelf and offers them Sxual Favours in Return for their Respect and Loyalty and deFerence to her Professional Skills. Thus Talented Courtesan can take Power by approaching Powerful Men reading their Sxual Needs off their Body Language and Professional Histories offering Fantasy Fulfilment in Return for Man’s Allegiance to her Moral Authority. As Long as Female Gangster Courtesan is More Sxually Daring ( Loving ) than Powerful Man she is More Powerful than he is Regardless of their Physical Size Difference. However as the Female Gangster is at Notable Physical Size DisAdvantage to her Male CounterParts she protects herSelf by winning with Sxual Skills Loyal Love of Highly Placed Men whose Reputations Physical Size and Seniority protect her from Any AttemptedRapey underLings.

Gangster becomes Bo$$ either by starting his Own Gang or by working his Way up the Pyramid of a preXisting Gang by showing Skills and Deference to Hierarchy Bo$$es. Gangsters are brought down by Greed Jealousy and its Consequence: Rape: Male Gangsters are Most Often though they may not connect the Dots brought down by Vengeful Women whose Power is metaPhysical. A Woman can move across the World from you Never speak a Word of you to AnyOne and still kill you with her Rage. When a Gangster gets Sxually Greedy and forces himSelf on Women he takes too Much Loot at the Xpense or his Gang this ACtivity sews discord in the Gang and the Gangster is deposed Usually by an Assertive Younger Buck who because is a Sneaky Traitor ( Sxually Deceitful ) is Swiftly taken out in the Same Manner. How a Male Gangster treats Women is always reflected in his Gang. If he is Greedy and Violent with Women his Gang is Greedy and Violent. If he yearns for Love despite his Failings he will be redeemed in Collective Lore. If he lies to his Woman about his Profession Cops nab him on Some Legal Trifle Usually Taxes. If he finds Love gets Married cheats on his Wife with Secret Prostitutes during his Gang Heyday decides that Family is the Answer in Late Middle Age he gets to retire. If he falls for a Slut but demands she be Monogamous to him his Career will fall apart Mbarassingly. If he dates Many Much Younger Women he will appear to become Past his Prime and Foolish. If his Woman kills him EveryOne knows it the Woman takes his Place ( Griselda Blanco Notably killed a Husband at Close Range ).  Dear Men: how you treat a Woman is how Life treats you.
Most Effective Way to become Gangster Bo$$ besides growing your Own Gang from the Ground up which is not Necessarily Efficient or Practical is to depose the Bo$$ of a preXisting Gang thus proving your Superiority as Bo$$ and acquiring his Followers. However to do this from within the Ranks of the Gang is Treachery and igNoble: the Ideal Gang is built on Mutually-Assured Trust and a Gangster who schemes to kill his Bo$$ so he becomes Bo$$ will meet the Same Fate as we die as we have lived. allowing a Gangster to die of Old Age is underWhelming - even if he has chosen an Heir in his Son or Brother or Close Friend to die of Old Age All Tepidlike is not to die as he has lived as outLaw and his Nergy will dissipate and the Gang will Likely suffer a Crisis of Leadership following the Passing of the Bo$$ or the Chosen Heir like Godfather Michael Corleone will have to depend on inCreasingly Sociopathic Tactics to maintain Power over and control of the Gang. 
Why is Michael Corleone aLone in his Fortified Compound without Brother Sister or Wife at End of Godfather 2? His Father has left him too. As Such the Most Effective Means of passing Bo$$ Nergy from Passing Bo$$ to Heir is for Heir to Ceremonially and Consensually kill Passing Bo$$. I call this Practice Death Giving. Bo$$ agrees to be killed by Heir so that Bo$$ Nergy is absorbed by Heir. Die as you have lived and you live on so he who lives as Bo$$ dies as Bo$$.
Gangster on Gangster Killings like Deaths in War are not MurderMurder = Killing of Citizen Innocent. When Gangster enters ‘the Game’ they consent like Soldier going to War to Possibility of killing or being killed. Gangland Killings are Rarely solved by Police because they oughtn’t be. When a Gang tries to take anOther Gang’s Territory and War breaks out and Gangsters die that is like Packs of Wolves fighting for Hunting Grounds that is Justice that is the Law of Nature. When you twotime a Fellow Gangster and he retaliates within Reason you had it coming that is Justice that is the Law of Nature. Death intenTional or Otherwise of CI is Murder and for there to be Justice the Murderer ought to be punished. To guarantee there are no Murders and to avenge Murders the State Police xists and has the Right to police Gangster outLaws. If Citizen Innocent dies in Gangsland War Gangster Responsible ought to be put away. this is Justice this is the Law of Nature: you kill an Innocent you’re on your Own.
Gangsters and Police: 2 Armies outLaw vs State whose Relationship is Symbiotic. State Police make Sure outLaw Gangster Violence does not spill into Citizen Communities and is not visited upon Wives GirlFriends Children and Other Innocents within outLaw Communities ( a Moll, the Gangster’s Girl, is not Gangster is Citizen Innocent unless she has been sworn into ‘the Game’ by Male Gangsters called hazing // ACtively Openly uses Sxual Maneuvering between Male Gang Members to assert her Position as Gangster ). OutLaw Gangsters Meanwhile nsure State Police do not have the Monopoly on Violence within a Nation. This puts outLaws in Conflict alsobutLesso with Armies - interNational Police Forces of Nations used to settle interNational disagrEements. outLaw Gangsters are Nations unto themSelves who recognize National Territorial Identity to the Degree it suits them ie there are Australian Hells Angel’s and Canadian Hell’s Angels though the Gang started in America the Russian Mob is always Russian and the Mafia is ethNically Sicilian though found in Countries besides Italy. outLaw Gangs are Clans. State Police and Armies are Bureaucracies and should behave Objectively. Gangster outLaws behave Personally.
Weapons are Phallic Symbols. 
End you are seeking is always Woman. Lady Life Lady Death.

Lies you tell will catch up with you. Often Ironically.

Money = Masculine Violence Power ( even if Latent $ represents how Much Violence a Person could do )

Love = Feminine Nurturing Power ( a Person gets as Much Love as they are Capable of nurturing )

Desire for “Profit” motivates Most Gangsters however Money is an Illusory Measure of Profit ie One can be Hugely Rich and also Miserable and Lonely and Paranoid because Money = Potential Violence = Sx ≠ Nurturing Love if you are try to use Money to coax out Nurturing Love you’ve got it backwards Buddy and will wind up ----- blowing ----- Stupid Amount of Money on Drugs and Prostitutes: you get the Money to blow because you have the Nurturing Love to blow maybe from your Mother maybe from a Wife or a Woman from the Past or Future ask yourSelf. As there should be a Balance of Money and Love to maximize Profit an Effective Female Gangster Courtesan deals as little as Humanly Possible in Money even as Men around her Grow Xorbiantly Rich in Fact Men who wish to get Xorbiantly Rich should ally themSelves with Women who think Money is Stupid Trite Vaguely disGusting Definately Vulgar. Greedy Wife is Sign of Corrupt Man.
If you wish to sum up a Man look at his Woman. Is she Happy and Cheerful? Silent and Taciturn? Funny or unFunny? Dignified or Deceitful? Sxually Liberated or Prudish? Cheated on and in the Dark about it satisfied with Monogamy a Cheater Sxually repressed beaten into Sxual repression or Open Slut? Free to pursue her intereSts and Friendships Jealous or Boring or Shy or uninterested in Men’s ‘Business’? As a Rule of Thumb: if a Man is married to a Woman who takes no intereSt in his ‘Business’ that Man is a Liar and a Cheat and not to be trusted. If a Man is married to a Materially Greedy Woman than Man is Greedy and not to be trusted. If a Man polices his Woman’s Sxual Activity or slags her amongst his Friends that Man is Sxuallyrepressed and not to be trusted.
Money for Sx deflects Love in Sx. This does not mean that ‘Prostitution’ should be ‘ilLegal’ but Money for Sx deflects Love in Sx should be kept in Mind by those interested in earning Living through Sx Work.

Misogyny. Misogyny is preJudice against oppression stereotyping disTrust Fear Hatred of Women. Misogyny breaks Golden Rule therefore Gravest of Sins.
they are ashamed but u should be ashamed
Forcing Women into Prostitution is Rape is Contrary to Golden Rule therefore Gravest of Sins.
Beating a Woman for confronting you about your Hypocrisies is Contrary to Golden Rule therefore Gravest of Sins
Rape - non-Consensual Sx - Contrary to Golden Rule therefore Gravest of Sins.
You may think you’ve gotten away with Rape in its Myriad Forms but you Never ever ever get away with it Feminine Power is Metaphysical it doesn’t matter how Many Women you tell to shut up it doesn’t matter how Many Women you call Bitch or slag to your Man Friends it doesn’t matter how Many Women you beat or how Often it doesn’t matter how Many Women you kill it will come back to you break Golden Rule you A Criminal you suffer.
Misandry. Misandry is preJudice against oppression stereotyping disTrust Fear Hatred of Men. Misandry is an outGrowth of Misogyny  - Misogyny is inStitutionalized; Misandry is Reactionary. Feminine Nergy is Nurturing and Feminine People Often feel Mpathetic for Masculine People even when these People are Murderers and Thugs and Misogynists. In my Xperience Misandry is More Common among Men than Women and among Women among Patriarchal Seperatist Feminisits as Hate or preJudice is Violent Masucline Urge. Most Misandrist Men direct Self-Loathing towards Rival Men whom they dehumanize. Many Cops Soldiers Gangsters are Misandrists as Well as Misogynsists: they are Misanthropes. 

Women who secede from Men behave like Men: where Women in Returning Company of Men form nonHierarchal Clusters Bonds
Reminiscent of Mpathetic Listening Ciricles during stay-at-Home Agrarian Activity in preHistory - Men and Women living apart from Men Totally form Hierarchies Reminiscent of Hunting Parties.
Ideal Society is Synthesis of these Two Forms
Concentric Rings emanating from Alpha balanced by Equally Powerful outSider Witch. Author Andrea Coates is Female outSider Witch Sxuallyobsessed with Alpha Males.
Racism. Most Gangs are Raciallysegregated. This is not so Much Racism as ClanMentality like coXisting subSpecies of Wolves. Racism is when you treat anOther Person as if they are Lesser on ACount of their Race. Racism breaks Golden Rule and is Gravest of Sins. 
Anarky. Each Individual Sovereign State though no State can survive aLone. My Body my Rules. Tresspass my Rules my Body you break Golden Rule you suffer.

Battle of the Trusts. In Any Given Conflict they who trust Most win. Go into Difficult Situations thus armed with Trust.

Therefore I say Gangster Professions Perfectly Legal and if you want me to argue that in Court bring it the Fuck on your Court can’t contain me: I am Anarkist Gangster Sovereign State whose Only Law is Love.