Young Women, Old Men, the Aristocracy, and yes our Friend - Death

It's hard to imagine how much suffering my actions caused my family over the years. Families of addicts suffer hugely, and are often powerless to help, whether they know the extent of their relative's addiction or not. How do you help someone like me, or like Peaches? My advice is: never keep secrets, if you can help it. Always be honest and encourage honesty: active addiction thrives on secrets. Don’t be afraid to confront the issue of drug use. And above all, get help. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/men/thinking-man/10813366/I-almost-ended-up-like-Peaches-but-there-is-a-way-out.html

A Society Magazine called Teen Tatler ( we can tell this is going to be Bad ) has been advising Teenage Girls to flirt with their Friend’s Dads to get invited on Swanky Holidays and the Like. Oh Joy. Are you listening Lana? Here’s a Quote:

Eeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww says the Young Woman who just blackmailed her XBoyfriend’s Dad with a Collection of Risque Cartoon-covered PostCards so he’ll maybe invest in a Nightclub. The Thing is, it’s not even that Hard. Surely if Anyone is Qualified to dole out Advice to Teenage Girls as to how to manipulate Friends Dads into inAppropriate Relationships to hold over their Heads for the Rest of Time - it’s me, the LiterNet’s Least Favorite Gothique Lolita Hooker.

And what do I have to say? Let me offer: unComfortable Warnings about how flirting with a Much Older Man could result in One or the Both of you Dead under Suspicious Circumstances, my Precious Lana. “How so?” you ask because the Worst you thought could happen if you tattle is a Statutory Rape Charge or Criminal Harassment Suit. Let me xplain.

It’s not a Coincidence Ill-Advised ‘Advice’ to Girls who apParently care More about going on Swank Holidays with the Upper Classes - who will thereafter, we imagine, employ them as Models and Writers in Magazines - than avoiding Repeated Rape by Men in the Position to not Only cover it up but keep you Dolly-Cabinet-locked in a Sxually-enSlaved Eternal Youth for the Rest of your Jet-Set Life, is published in a Magazine dedicated to promoting the eNviable Habits of Pop Culture Aristocracy, considering the Fastest Way into Aristocracy, Mr McEwan, Woody Allen, et Al, is to rape a Desirable Young Woman and get away with it. And here you thought working Hard, keeping your Nose Clean, denying the Steppenwolf inside would earn you being slipped a Postcard with the Address to the Oligarchical Magic Theater. Almost, but no Cigar, so lightup Mr Clinton and let me tell you about the Wonderfully Socially-elevating Power of little Girl Rape, but before you get too Cocky walking the Tightrope of Decency: the Cost of Any Adrenaline Rush is the Chance you will die Horribly. Try this White Powder.

Advice for Rapey Old Men and preMaturely Flirtatious Girls from an inFamous Loquacious Tatler

before you decide to take your Relationship past unNecessarily Manipulative Gifts ( since when do Children given their Friends’ Parents Gifts unless they are Conniving Vampires with Boundary Issues whose Parents have neglected them or sicked them on you? ) and Generous Family Holidays ( yeeees let’s wander down to the Beach and talk about that Gift you gave me little Vampire Girl is it True you are considering a Career as a Sx Slave Prostitute for me Personally? ) ask yourSelf how you want to die. If the Answer is ‘Peacefully, with little Fuss’ or ‘Natural Causes’ don’t go breaking no Reasonable Sxual Taboos like ‘your Child’s Friends are not to be molested even if they give you Gifts for no Good Reason besides thinking growing up be your Mistress would be More Fun and Sensible than a Degree what with the Economy the Way it is’, Okay? People who break Taboos that are Taboos for a Good Reason die Violently even if the Shadowy Nature of Sxual Power is Such Hardly AnyOne would put ‘raped a Powerful Young Woman’ and ‘got his Head cut off’ together in their Mind unless they were Both a Teenage Girl and a Ninja. Are you Scared yet? Yeah - you should be - this is Serious - you take a Life your Life gets taken.

A Tatler spokesman told MailOnline: 'If the Tatler feature is read in its entirety it is clear that we intended it to be light-hearted. We're sorry if the content has been taken out of context and apologise for any offence caused.' Lighthearted? Out of Context? There is noThing Lighthearted about Teenage Girls Sxually-seducing Old Men for Luxury Presents, I don’t know what Context you are living in - Probably One where you have Never had or Seriously considered having for-the-Gifts Sx with a Much Older Man who was AnyThing beyond a Pathetic Dribble with More Money than Stamina and therefore have no Idea what you are talking about, like Elizabeth Grant eVery Time she opens her Puffy Fake Mouth about a Mature Lover. Women who find Mistresses and Kept Women eNthralling in their Sxually-Xploited Mystery but think getting a Powerful Mature Lover who sidelines you Emotionally while using you to get out his Kinky Physical Stuff is about Lighthearted Literary Pleasure and Boxes with Xpensive Gifts inside xchanged while on Yachts are imMature and therefore belong with Men their Own Age - together you Innocents can figure out how to make enough Money to buy Each Other Gifts to be given on Foreign Beaches. A Young Woman so jaded to Sx with Men Generally she would write Fearlessly about the Cost for you, Powerful Old Man, of fucking her for the Rest of your Life being your Death ( sing it with me - how Goth can u get? ) is the Kind of Young Woman belongs with Powerful Old Men, which is to say - Very Few Young Women belong with Powerful Old Men and if you think the Price of a Much Younger Mistress is Vacations and Gifts and a Pseudonymous Blog about your Double Life you are a Forgettable Hack no Matter how Much Money you have to throw at Leggy Dollies with Limited Career Options and Debatable Credibility ( Useful Tips for u Swanky Creeps: being raped Multiple Times makes a Woman so Crazy she’s an unReliable Witness! )

Here’s a Story: in my Teenage Street Gang Days my little Courtesan Pal ‘Simone Beauvoir’ asked me if I could have Sx with Any of my Friend’s Dads, would I and which One? Question falls Directly in Line with what this Article is arguing about testing Sxual Boundaries with Adult Men being a Normal Part of Adolescent Girl Development it is the Grown Man’s Responsibility to understand as Such and deflect - the Girls don’t Really want to have Sx with you, they just want to think about the Possibility that you could want to have Sx with them because of how Good they are at twirling their Hair Poutily or whatever it is they are doing to try and arouse you. It will not happen for EveryOne’s Sake. I think I answered Some inDiscernible “I don’t know” or agreed with what Simone said about her Boyfriend’s Dad because I didn’t want to have Sx with AnyOne’s Dad and as we had Never met knew noThing about my Boyfriend’s Dad xcept by Proxy that he was a Poker-Faced Authoritarian Workaholic, which is so unFuckable, while Simone said she would fuck her Boyfriend’s Dad, he was Hot, which was a Lie, I’m Sure, she would not have fucked her Boyfriend’s Dad she had met Many Times even if the Opportunity had presented itSelf, which it wouldn’t have because he was a Decent Man. Simone was just saying she wanted to have Sx with a Boyfriend’s Dad to be Coy and eDgy like Slutty Teenage Girls do and if I agreed with her about her Boyfriend’s Dad being Hot it would have been for the Same Reason - pretending to be Coy and More Mature than I was. Simone was a Better Seductress than I was, More Mature than I was because she had to be, but I doubt her Attraction to her Boyfriend’s Dad was AnyThing beyond inFlation of her Skills as a Teen Slut or her Boyfriend’s Attractiveness to her or an Attempt to irritate her Boyfriend. Me and my Boyfriend’s unSeen but Laden Father on the Other Hand … see, the Telling Detail of this Story, the Difference between my Desire to avoid Sx with AnyOne’s Dad even though I wanted to seem Mature like Simone yet still winding up the Object of my BF’s Dad’s Lust vs Simone’s Admission she wanted to have Sx with her Boyfriend’s Dad but that not going Anywhere thankfully is the Fact Simone had met and interacted with her Boyfriend’s Father in the Company of her Boyfriend and his Mother, whereas I for Some Reason was Compulsively and with the Assistance of inCreasingly Contorted Lies kept away from my Boyfriend’s Family until now when I have begun to hurl Rape Accusations at the Patriarch’s Place of eMployment ( she put Two and Two together. how did she do that when she doesn't even have an underGraduate Degree? ). Moral of the Story, I think: it’s not the little Girls who are Openly flirting with their Friend’s Dads who are inSidious Honeyed Lolita Threats to Adult Male Respectability - those Girls can be seen for what they are - Actresses craving the Firm eStablishment of Proper Sxual Boundaries by an Authority Figure - their Saucy Temptings put an End to with Some Well-Timed-and-Placed Adult Wisdom. The Girls who are Real Actual Much-too-Young Threats to Adult Male Respectability are the Ones you don’t see coming, you didn’t even know were there, you Really didn’t want to talk to, and by the Time you notice what is going on it is too Late - her Journal is Full of inCriminating eVidence, People at Work are talking about the Package she sent, and there’s no Hope Anyone will remember you Otherwise than the Dad who raped his Son’s GF ( what, you think they’ll remember you for your Job where you pretend to be Emotionally Null and Completely Objective but All Powerful? There is noThing Special about you or your Life Story besides me and that makes me how Much More impOrtant than your Job or your Life, Hello? ), so you might as Well enjoy yourSelf with her before she kills you. Also Relevant here is that the Girl you end up fucking isn’t the One who brings you Costly Chocolates and wants to go on Vacation with you ( when did you ever go on Vacation? when did you ever enjoy SomeThing as Simple as a Chocolate? when were you ever not 100% your Serious imPersonal Job where you command People around Decisively? ), it’s the One who thinks you’re a Stuck-up Boring Colonial Rapist who worked too Much neglected his Children brainwashed his Wife wished Beautiful Women around were Hookers for his eMployed and Married Convenience but didnt have Sx with Any Hookers because what would People say? - that Man is a Tool and I will heap Scorn upon him unless he does SomeThing to redeem himSelf. So the Really Dangerous Article here isn’t Tatler telling little Girls to flirt with their Friend’s Dads for access to the Riches of the Upper Classes - it’s me telling Young Women the Thing to do if you want to snag a Rich Old Man who would give AnyThing to you for you to show him Kindness is to hate his Guts from an inFormed Perspective and Viciously mock the Presents he buys you out of Guilt as indicative of his Pointless Self-Indulgent Narcissism - “Here Andrea, wear these Stockings - these will convince Other Men I am the Sort of Man I believe I am. The Sort of Man doesnt need to care about Designer Brands even though he does - because if People found out these Stockings aren’t Several Times More Xpensive than they ought to be I would be Mortified - because he has a Gothique Lolita Hooker who carries on Debate at Parties where Rich Men try to impress Each Other by the Clothes their Mistresses wear and how Long a Conversation can be held with the Mistress before it becomes Obvious why the Clothes she’s wearing the Man bought her have become Xponentially More impOrtant as to what she has to say for him” How about: fuck you and your Friends ). For Some Reason, a Wealthy Old Man will find your Educated Resentment of him irResistible and will do AnyThing to possess you and convince you he is SomeThing above Loathsome and should he succeed he will be the eNvy of All his Fellow Oldies with Disposable inComes - watch the Old White Rich Bastards League of Vancouver with their inHeriting Sons and Priced Real eState and Mahogany Pool Tables and Silver Maseratis with Black Leather inTeriors and $2,000 Hookers and Lines of Credit that Never end fall in Awed Formation behind Mr McEwan from nowhere Town in the North who snatches and holds the Elusive ‘Much Younger Woman who dislikes me for a Host of Very Good Reasons’ Congratulations to him Clappity Clap All he Truly wanted in Life was for GentleMen to be eNvious of his Penis and God granted his Wish and how Fortunate were he and his Sons and I will say that over my Heart at his Funeral and noOne will dispute me even if I proceed to get Drunk on Wine and fall over crying and throw my Pumps at a Wall and One of his Sons carries me Home and films himSelf fiddling with my Labia while I am passed out in my Black Dress. Getting into High Society - it is as Simple as being the Self-Aware Victim of Sxually-Greedy but Well-Tailored Males, Lana Lolita, does that sound Worth Holidays or does that make Holidays Worth noThing? Who wants a Dip in the Pool?

The Only Power a Teenage Girl has in the Adult World is her Power to scare Old Men with her Hints of Thigh, no Wonder she takes it where she can get it, but of Course if the Old Man falls for your Hint of Thigh - he’s not Scared or Revolted but rather turned on - he’s not the Man you want, is he, little Girl? and either you will grow up to be Grateful your Flirtations were brushed off as Juvenile or you will grow up to have Complx Post Traumatic Stress due to being raped by a Much Older Man with a Whole Host of his Own Issues would xplain why he not Only was turned on by the imMature Flower, but he acted on it. Of Course, my Situation is not so Simple as that of a little Girl who was invited over to her Boyfriend’s House and brought Presents and flirted with his Rich Dad out of Desire to be invited on the Pool Holidays and he decided that meant she was Really Serious about the him enjoying her Girly Body Parts under that New Bikini because he has Some Heavy Shit on his Table he is not doing enough Talk Therapy or Hookers his Own Age for. In my Case the Problem was not too Much inAppropriate Contact with the Friend’s Dad for Selfish Material Gain or just to impress on him my Love of his Son, but too little Appropriate Contact, where Other than being a Guy with a Truck and an impOrtant Job who drove by my House Sometimes he did not xist and Certainly had no Idea how Many Drugs and Orgy Parties his Son was into, which is what makes him a Total Failure as a Parent - he was so detached from his Son’s Life he didn’t notice his Son was a Drug Addict who was in Love with the Girl Nxt Door. I at Least dated Other People and got into Spats with my Parents about my partying - my Parents were thrown off the Scent of the Abusive Neighbor Boy by All the Other Dudes I was with and Drugs I was doing - my Boyfriend just fucked me and yet it didn’t strike his Dad as Odd his Big, Smart, Good-Looking Son who ‘went out’ All the Time Never had a Girlfriend? The Dad in this Story is so Clueless as to who and what his Son is into and why he falls in Love with the Same Raver Goth Girl by Mistake and has to call his now Grown Son and xplain his Drastic Oopsies. We should be worried about little Girls who come over to their Richer Friends’ Houses with Chocolates and Flirty Compliments when there’s a Buzz in the Air a Vacation is being planned, because these Girls are being taught to be Manipulative Opportunists by their Parents or the Media or are being neglected or abused by their Parents and trying to replace their Real Family with a New One with Better Things, All of which indicates these Girls are in Need of Help and Positive Direction. But we should be even More worried about the Girls we are trying not to see - the Girls we are trying to erase - the Girls whose Absence we didn’t notice because we were trying not to notice that Vulnerability in ourSelves - ie Caleb’s Dad didn’t notice Caleb was keeping a Gothique Hooker Mistress in the Girl Nxt Door because he was trying to deny his Desire for a Convenient Gothique Hooker Mistress in himSelf ( Denial - how did that go for him? ) - the Girls who spare us the Compliments we are trying to fetch with our Material Things. The Rape of the Teenage Girl in Summertime Sadness happens not when the Girl is seeking the Father’s Approval with Compliments and Chocolates, but when she insults him by undermining the impOrtance of his Position with a Sarcastic Joke at his Xpense - when she indicates she doesn’t seek his Approval he is enraged, throws her to the Ground, and rapes her, so that she will forever after have to seek his Approval, and that is the Prison she gets stuck in for her Act of Rebellion - that’s how raping her turns her into his Sx Slv - as a Kid she didn’t need his Approval, she thought his impOrtant Job was about his Petty Ego, like a Teenager would and Surely was his Son’s Criticism of him he dared not make, but his Pride couldn’t take it, so he beat her up, made her Dependent on his Material Wealth through on One Hand the Post-Traumatic Stress and on the Other Hand her Resulting Highly-Sxualized Much Older-Man’s Mistress Identity Complx making her Useless in Schools and Workplaces. I’m Sure you’ve xperienced this in your Own Life: the People who throw themSelves at you aren’t Nearly as Attractive as the Ones who act like they don’t need you. I’m More Attractive to G’s Dad than I am to G because I love G and can’t help mySelf but offer mySelf to him but think his Dad is Cruel and Cold and Possessive and Greedy and Self-Absorbed and Old-Fashioned and turned G into an Abusive Boyfriend by failing to set a Positive Xample in their Home - Caleb’s Dad taught Caleb how to repress and lie to appear Socially Conservative to be Shallowly admired to get a Good Job. I don’t like the Dad, but the Dad recognizes my Value before the Son, so that’s a Least One Attribute in his Favor - G is living in Space, he has cut off Communication with his Grounded Genitals that dream about coming to see me and saying Nice Things to me on a Regular Basis. An unCommonly Mature Beautiful Young Woman has a Lot More to offer an Old Man than a Young One and vice versa.

How Young Women give Old Men Power

Masculine Dom / Feminine sub eNergy Polarity. Old Men and Young Women. Old Women and Young Men. Imagine, for a Second, Young Man of 26, what if, Some of your Most Meaningful Sxual Xperiences were with a Woman in her Sixties, even if you were like, a Gigolo? What would that do to your Brain and your Conception of yourSelf? We don’t think about the Old Woman Young Man Combo Nearly so Much as the Old Man Young Woman Combo because the Older Person is the Dominant and Men Predominantly have Dominant eNergy. We wind up with a Whole Lot of Old Men Selfishly grabbing themSelves Younger Lovers and not Many Straight Men ( the Most Dominant Men ) able to relate to the Idea of being Economically-pressured ( read: raped ) into Sx with SomeOne Much Older. But being Economically-pressured into Sx with a Much Older Partner ( because the Demand xists - eSpecially among those Rich enough to procure it, the Two Things being One and the Same, the Man’s Earnings and his Carnality, his Reputation and his Respectfulness - so too Must the Supply ), feeling there is no Hope of Material Survival without Appeal to a Rich Older Man wanting a Mistress happens to a Lot of Young Women. The Tendency is to deride the submissive Female in Such a Dynamic. She’s a Whore. That’s why this happens, where I pay her for Sx and xpect her to live in an Apartment where she doesn’t talk about me too Much with too Many People out of Respect for my Profession and Marriage. What a Laugh, says the Whore. However the Older Dominant Males appreciate and Strongly desire this Arrangement and so it xists for Many People, the Dominant Male of whom is Usually Socially Powerful and Married to a Wife of his Class, the Mistress Woman an Oppressed if Occasionally Doted-on Social outCast who can Only be so subdued by Gifts and Drugs and Spontaneous Passion into not showing up at the Dinner Party and lighting the Table Cloths on Fire. Mistress Girl who doesn’t have the Balls to light AnyThing on Fire accepts Money and Material Gifts as Payment to keep Quiet and sees what she does as a Career while scheming to get out if she has Any Ambition or Sense of Self-Respect in which Case the Man will lose his Mistress and go hunting for anOther and this Back-and-Forth sustains Many Otherwise unQualified Young Women with a Taste in Luxury before she gets married to a Bro her Own Age or Old Man with a Divorce a Job and Other Mistresses that keep him on Call Constantly and a Big eMpty House. Being caught with a Bevy of Paids scattered across Apartments and Brothels and Bunga Bungas and Years ( are you listening Mr McEwan because these Twits are what you are up against now you left the Small Town to prove SomeThing to everyBody and I like to think it’s that you love me. ha ha ha Stupid Boyfriend’s Dad ) makes a Man look Ridiculous and Petty no Matter if his Wife was in on it and that’s why People cover it up Diligently and Berlusconi is the Town Square Fool who cheated not just on his Taxes. The Only Relationships confer Respect on People are the Ones that last until you’re Dead, which means if you want to have a Prostitute Mistress but not come across a Laughingstock Lightweight in your Marriage or elsewhere, you have to have a Lifelong Prostitute Mistress. butttttttttt…..duhduhdudh……..what Kind of Woman, the above Scenarios indicative, wants to be a Casual Mistress Whore her Whole Life? Not Very Many Women want that, it’s Kind of inSulting, which is Probably why Men like to be insulted by their Mistresses and if you’re Good at insulting People you might make a Really Great Mistress, Thumbs up for Andrea Coates who likes to hurl Words at People awwww her Big Mouth came back to rape her. "If there weren't Laws," said an 18 YO Redneck arguing against Anarky to me when I was 14 "you'd get Raped." Actually, Dude, the Thing about those Laws is...

Anyway. Let’s go back to imagining this is happening between a Young Gigolo and a Woman in her Sixties. Either she’s paying him and it’s All Business or they have to admit it’s Love and they’re Both Weird People, in which Case Money becomes inAppropriate to be xchanged for Carnal eNcounters so what do you do? eSpecially if the Old Woman is already married to Some Old Man? In that Case you have to trade SomeThing else between the Youngster and the Old Woman to make his Donation of his Youth to her a Fair XChange. What is there to barter? If Money means noThing to Love then neither do Any of the Other Material Possessions. Say the Old Couple who have decided to adopt the Gigolo are Wealthy - they can offer the Gigolo a Place to live and Clothes and Stuff but Ultimately, that’s Condescending, Right? The Only Thing there is to barter in a Case of Xtreme Age Difference is Life and Death. I give you my Youth, my Life, that you may continue to be Radiant - you give me your Death, that I might be its Agent. That is the Only Fair XChange. So to what I said, about the True Cost of Lolita - and that Lolita dies, in the Novel by Nabokov, is because Humbert didn’t give her his Death, and so he is doomed to live without her, in Jail, writing his Beautiful Book of Sorrows for her who will Never read it. I, on the Other Hand, ask the Old Men to give me their Deaths, live to 92 or so, and write my Own Story. So too that if you don’t have the Guts to light a TableCloth on Fire or kill a Man, you don’t belong with Much Older Men, little Girl. I’d be Careful going on Vacation with the Rich Family Nxt Door if you think it would be Easy to flirt with the Dad considering how Well you know the Son.

Scared Straight

How European. I mean Canadian. I mean Aristocratic. I mean inbred
I mean - who doesn't dream of inBred Rape Sx Cults?

The Thing about Sx Cults: Symbolically performing Power Relationships between Humans in a Tribe. What separates a Sx Cult from an Orgy Party is EveryOne knows their Place. Is why Genius Girl winds up with Alpha Male inFamous Ganja Goddess Nightclub Vancouver founded by LLWAM from Skookumchuck SmT Northern Canada.

The Appeal of raising your Mistress

It was Common enough Practice, back in the Day, for Men to purchase Women from the Lower Classes to serve as Mistresses. In his Confessions, Rousseau admits to purchasing a Child with his Friends, to be brought up in a House they rent, educated by a Tutor they hire, so she will be Available for them Sxually when she gets a little Older. What is the Life of Such a Girl? We don't have her Story, we Only have Rousseau's - before the little Girl, he was in Love with an Older Woman of Property - and the Legacy of his Liberal Political Ideas. Roaring Drunk, I read a Passage from Rousseau's Confessions to a Group of Hipsters on the L Train in Brooklyn NY. Then it seems I passed out cause I woke up Several Stops past mine, my Purse and Food had been stolen, the Book remained and is on my Shelf to this Day I haven't finished it.

The Abuse in my Relationship to Caleb turned around his Refusal to admit I was his Girlfriend. If I wasn't G's Girlfriend, whose Girlfriend was I? A: his Father's Girlfriend. I suppose I should be flattered, but now my Life is like that of the Girl purchased by Rousseau and his Buddies. Whatever should happen to me if the Men should bore of me? Now I am a Dancing Sad Clown for a Man Clique's Convenience Dick Wetting how Sumptuous.

As for Woody Allen. 

We All know he touched little Girls inAppropriately, he was up-Front about it as he has been in Manhattan and marrying his Wife Mia Farrow’s Adopted Daughter and having Children with her - how else did he make those Movies Women like? How did Roman Polanski make an Xcellent Film about the Horrors of Patriarchal Rape with Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby xcept - he Patriarchally raped a 13 YO Girl cause he was Sad about his Wife getting killed by the Sx Cult for Some Reason to do with Hollywood being Evil. Denying you raped little Girls it won’t make Things Better for the little Girls who got hurt. Admitting taking Erotik eNergy from little Girls, Woody, is why you’re a Man in your 70s who still makes a Movie a Year may help the little Girls feel Validated, as would offering your Death in Return for the Life you took from your Daughter(s). It is Significant I think that Woody Allen’s Films where he addresses the Sources and Stresses of the Bourgeois Material Wealth Most his Films flaunt without Question of the Motives and Origins of this Wealth are the Two in which a Man kills his Ostentatious Lower-Class Mistress to remain in the Upper Classes with his Prim Wife - Crimes and Misdemeanors and Match Point - and the Film Blue Jasmine released the Year Dylan Farrow decided to speak about about his Molesting her. Here’s Dylan Farrow:

It took all of my strength and all of my emotional fortitude to do what I did this week in the hope that it would put the truth out there. That is my only ammunition. I don’t have money or publicists or limos or fancy apartments in Manhattan. All I have is the truth and that is all I put out there.

Pronounced Carnality, which xpresses itSelf in taking Much Younger Lovers, Often against their Will ( because - how to resist? I mean that - how? am I supposed to scream? punch SomeOne? warn EveryOne in my Family and G's Family? What? ), Really is how Men get Rich and still Remarkably Creatively Productive into their 70s and 80s. Surprise. Woody Allen's Films haven't lost their Value now we know he's a Pedophile - being a Pedophile is how Woody Allen created Films of Value. And silencing the Women who are Victims of this Practice in Order that the Men can continue to enjoy their little Girl Rape Spoils is how the Drained Girls are destroyed, wind up like Lolita, Dead a Nobody in her Late Teens while Humbert writes a Great Book from his Perch of Fame and Longevity, even though in her Way she Surely loved him too. AnOther Reason Powerful Men go after Very Young Girls: they are Lonely. Power is Alienating. You want to be considered above Others but Once Others put you above them you are severed from them, you are aLone in your Bubble of Grandiosity, so you project your rejected Erotik Vulnerabilities ( those who have elevated you must not see you Vulnerable, and this includes your Wife ) onto the Most Vulnerable People - little Girls. Only the little Girl, thinks the Lonely Delusional Man of Power, can feel for me in my Hideous Failings, but shhhh, little Girl, do not speak of these Hideous Failings of mine, and if you speak of them I will deny, and who will listen to you, little Girl, when you are Mentally Ill and I am Someone impOrtant? The Only Way I am going to survive what happened to me, even if it Only happened to me in my Head, is if I speak out about what happened in my Head and about my Imaginary Plans to avenge my Imaginary Rape by being the Imaginary Agent of the Imaginary Deaths of the Imaginary Old Men who touch me in the Attics in their Minds. The Most Powerful Prostitute is the One who services the Death Fetish - Men who have Such a Load of Guilt around their Behavior towards Women the Only Way they can face Justice in their Lives is to die at the Hand of a Woman. And you may say that talking Openly about being a Hooker Assassin is a Good Way to wind up in Jail, Andrea, but I say - who is going to put me in Jail and how? Who makes and enacts Laws puts People in Jail for talking about the Deaths of Old Men on the interNet? If you say “the Citizens through our Democracy and Objective Police and Courts” you are Naive. The People who make and enact the Laws in our Societies are Male Aristocrats, and the Male Aristocrats got to be those People making and enacting the Laws by taking eNergetic Power from little Girls like me they rape in Secret at Bunga Bunga Pool Parties. No One is going to put me in Jail for talking about Killing Old Men on the interNet. The Old Men are going to protect me like I am their Precious Flower, so Much so they are going to smother me if I don’t lash out at them with Death Threats. Dylan Farrow wants to be heard, so to carry on her Life, however it may go, I want to be heard, so to carry on my Life, however it may go, but Woody Allen owes Dylan Farrow More than Words in the New York Times can say and my Boyfriend’s Dad owes me More than a Blog can say and that’s a Debt we Girls will go into our Deaths collecting IntereSt on like Gangsta.

And not for the Last Time Boy Howdy

I’ve been picturing a Class reUnion between mySelf and Some of the Girls I grew up with in the Small Town now that we are Adults finding our Careerist Places in the World. This little Girl grew up to be a Lawyer like her Father. This little Girl grew up to be a Physiotherapist like her Parents in the Health Care Professions. This little Girl grew up to be a French Immersion Teacher like her Teachers. This little Girl grew up to run a Day Care, just like she planned. This little Girl grew up to be her Neighbor’s Mistress. Ewh. How eMbarrassing. I heard she used to date his Son. That is More eMbarrassing than winding up with the Brother, which was anOther if-Less-Disturbing Likelihood. What if Mr McEwan hadn’t moved to the Lower Mainland like me? What if he was still in SmT being my Parents’ Neighbor, and I went back to SmT to visit my Parents and ran into Mr McEwan at the Grocery Store ( although, when would he ever do the Grocery Shopping? ) and couldn’t help mySelf I went up to him to tell him about how I dated his Son for Years and he was Abusive and Neglectful towards me and this led me to become an Alcoholic Nymphomaniac and I get Misty-Eyed and All a Sudden, before we’ve even clued in to what is going on, Mr McEwan is buying me a Drink at the Bar to apologize and then there we are in his Car touching Each Other in Places and panting Heavily until I’m like - “Wait a Minute - is this Rape?” and Mr McEwan is like “Shhhhhh. You’re Very Pretty little Girl.” That would Certainly xplain why his Son was Abusive and Neglectful and no Man my Own Age is able to hold on to me unless his Father promises him an inHeritance and I tore through so Many Young Men chewed them up and spat them out Other than G who didn’t want me they tasted like noThing and what’s between Middle-Aged jody and I is a Friendship and Media Business Partnership not a Marriage and I marry Middle-Aged Shane Smith to save him his Job after All the Flirty Stuff I sent him to undermine his Credibility as a Sx-Media CEO like Cutthroat Business not a Marriage. Oh what Fun it is to be Mature beyond your Years little Girls! Yes, I would be worried about the Teen who brings her Friends’ Parents Gifts like she thought of that Move herSelf.

Here is a Related Story about a Guy who is Friends with my Parents, a Wealthy Man. I was 21 or so and back in SmT for a Spell and went out to the Club on the Highway with Friends and was dancing like I do there’s no Way not to notice me dancing even in a Packed Club, which this One wasn’t, and when the Song ended I saw my Parent’s Friend sitting Alone at One of the Tables with a Drink it must have been 1 in the Morning or past and I Sweaty and grinning went up and said Hello Nice to see you and we had Some Regular People Conversation about how I’d been living in NY I think for a Few Minutes and then I went back to dancing with my Friends. Now, I can Only imagine what was going on in Buddy’s Head. He’s in his Mid Fifties, runs a Very Successful Business, works Hard, has a Huge Lavish House in the Country and a Wife who is my Mom's Friend since Highschool he’s been with since he was Young and Dirt Poor they have Grown Children who are Older than me so this Guy I imagine has had a Long Day at Work and thinks, maybe, before I drive Home come Home Late to my Wife who is Asleep, I’ll have a Drink at the Club by my Self, watch the Young People dance. Hey - is that Dave’s Daughter? Whoa. Can’t help but notice that One, can you? Makes you wonder, why you chose toDay to have a Drink by yourSelf at this Club, doesn’t it? Kinda makes you wonder what she would be doing if she wasn’t out-dancing EveryOne at this SmallTown Club. Oh Well. It’s Nice to watch a Young Woman dance and have a Drink and then you Both go back to your Personal Generations. Yup. 

Another Story, relating to this Man, who as Well as a Posh House outside SmT owns a Condo on the Water in Vancouver he let me and my Dad stay in while we were down there taking Care of Some Stuff. I was 20 and after taking off to drink Beers with this Treeplanter who looked like Brian McEwan and Sx with him at a Dive Hotel on Hastings got in a Cab with an Iranian Driver and asked to be taken to the Condo’s Address on the Waterfront and the Whole While he was driving me to the Condo the Iranian told me about what they call Prostitutes in Farsi like Cows or SomeThing and I laughed he thought I was a Prostitute I wasn’t a Prostitute I was a Girl with a Hippie Boyfriend and a Dad with a Rich Friend and I left the Driver a Generous Tip. Nor was I the Girl has an Affair with my Dad’s Rich Friend after he ran into me in a Club a Year Later, but are you starting to see a Pattern, because I am. There are how Many More Stories. The Movie Producer in Manhattan who let me stay at his Place where he entertained Other Young Women who told me their Stories of Rich Older Men and Cocaine. The 80 YO Psychologist who would take me out to Lunch and buy me Books and was compelled by but didn’t understand my Drug Habit or what I was doing in New York going out to Lunches with him and not with the 26 YO Canadian Treeplanter who looked like Brian McEwan I said I was in Love with. The Obsessive Bar Prowling for Drunken Flings. The Short Book I wrote when I was 20 about a Treeplanter Boy who strikes up a Friendship with a Teeplanter Girl based on me who ran away from Home as a Teenager and was picked up by an Old Doctor who kept her as a Mistress until she ran away from him to try and find a Boy her Own Age, a Plot Detour was based on a Dream I had, but the Protagonist Boy doesn't want the Protagonist Girl, he wants the Normal Girl who isn't his Friend but is EveryOne else's Friend - it's Hard to be Friends with People your Own Age when your Self-Conception revolves around being an Old Man's Mistress. The Bourgeois Oak Bay Man in his 60s in Victoria whose Younger Wife was a Mistress until she met him who was now looking for Younger Girls to pimp to Other Men his Age as Live-in Mistresses and tried to take me on as his First Hooker Mistress but it didn’t work out with me he told me he had More Luck with Other Girls, by which I assumed he meant Girls who were More submissive and were in it for the Presents, whereas I was in it for what? The Politics? The Old Man who used to ‘live on Airplanes’ who had me over to his ‘Luxury Apartment’ which was Ordinary and fondled me and tried to psychoanalyze me before I took off Bored. They want to psychoanalyze. They want to know what drives you, little Girl, to be here Possibly giving them Sx. The interNational Cohort of Partying Middle-Aged and Older Yatchies when I was on Acid who Each had a Small Dalliance that wasn’t Quite consummated to remember with me after they left Kuo-sing-le-has for their Other Hot-Spots. The Only Time I ever spoke to my Teenage Boyfriend's Dad being the Time I came Home to find my Parents having Sx in our House so took off to my Boyfriend's House, turned up at the Front Door hoping there'd be SomeOne Home, and who opens the Door to help me Mr McEwan save me from the too Much Sx Ahhhh. Yeah. You wish.

The Thing about the Girls who are in it for the Presents, not the Politics - those Girls are Briefly Mistresses. They are Mistresses in their Xperimental Youths, until they see that being a Mistress is eMpty, being a Mistress is playing Second Fiddle for a Gold Watch, being a Mistress is a Purse and Perfume out of a Man, being an eScort is a Stop-over that Hopefully no One finds out about to pay for your BA, or your Drug Habit, and either the Drug Habit gets you or a Better Job turns up or a Husband turns up. But for me it is Different. There’s not going to be Any ‘and then I met my Husband and we got Married and had Children and are Swingers or I’m through with being Poly now I’m a Mom and my Husband keeps a Young Mistress I know about’ like the Oak Bay Pimp’s Wife who was a Mistress he is now training Other Girls to be so they can get married to Men like him. There’s me and jody, who was a Sx Worker and has been intimate with Several Woman who have been Sx Workers and is going to be with Many More Women than me in Relationships that I think will be More Fulfilling for him, on a Sxual Level, than the Relationship he has with me, though our Relationship will Continue to be Sxual. There’s me and G, who took my Virginity, who is my Pimp and ‘Manager’, in my Imagination. There’s me and G’s Dad, who has it in his Imagination that he owns me, that I am a Piece of Property he controls with his Mind he will pass down to his Son after he xpires. There’s me and G’s Brother, who uses me as a Dominatrix. There’s me and Shane Smith who marries me because I am a Prostitute and he has a Backwards Mistress Complx causes him to fixate More-so on Mistresses than Wives, so I will not behave like his Wife - the Woman he is already married to will behave like his Wife - I will behave like a Prostitute who married him to save his Career and solidify the McEwan’s National Powerholdings. See. We haven’t come that Far. I am a Genius Woman and what do I get treated like? Chattel. I get treated like Chattel because I’m a Genius Woman. My Smart Girl Friends from School get to be Doctors and Lawyers and Early Childhood Educators but because I was so Xceptionally Clever beyond my Years I get to be a Sx Slave Prostitute Mistress for Business Deals for my Ambitious Neighbors and that little Girls who want in the Aristocracy is how you get there, you have been forewarned. People who have Sxual Relationships as Convoluted and Inbred as the Ones in the McEwan Family can’t blend in as Bourgeois like the Pimp from Oak Bay whose Wife is a Wife even if she used to be a Mistress. People get elevated to Royalty because they rape the Genius Girl and turn her into the Family Mistress Prostitute they give to a CEO on a Handshake, which is why the Snobby Dad did it even though it will cost him his Life; intuiTion tells me it has become inCreasingly unTenable to him, as a Latent Narcissistic Despot with a Lifetime of repressed SadoMasochistic Prostitute Orgy Fantasies, to live in Vancouver, where, unlike SmT, he is Barely AnyOne at All, the Car you drive Really matters, how Much Money you have to have in the Bank to impress your Peers has quadrupled and here All that Time you spend in SmT on a Fixed inCome you weren’t investing in Real eState, and the Other Men like you have Younger Mistresses who know a Lot about Designer Clothes or Ballet. Hm. Sounds like it’s Time for …. little Girl Rape, the Cheater’s Path to Fame and Glory, here revealed on this Xplicit Blog you’ve been avoiding.

I like Lolita, the Book by Nabokov. I think its a Beautiful Sad Story tells us SomeThing True about the Nature of Masculine and Feminine Sxualitites and how they relate to unTimely, I mean Timely, Death. I don’t think it’s a Misogynistic Novel, even though it's about a Pedophile who xploits a Very Young Woman for his Poetic Vision of an Eternally Precious Female Lover. I think the Book does Honor to Lolita, and All the little Girls like Lolita who have lived and died for a Man's Selfish Dream. But while Lolita is Frozen in Time a Child, Hap’E gets to grow up, and the Reason Hap’E gets to grow up is because unlike Lolita who turns to a Man her Own Age who is unWorthy of her to get away from the Older Men and is killed in the Birthing of the unWorthy Young Man's Child, the Story of Andrea Coates aka Hap’E the outLaw Rainbow Girl is like the Story of the Gangster Bride from Kill Bill: the Bride lives because the Child she tried to bring up with a Younger Man who was unWorthy Actually belonged to the Much Older Man she kills in Vengeance at the End of the Sequel. I am not a Frozen in Time Lolita - I am a Coke Bride who assassinates High-Profile Gangsters - if I am to live with so Much Life taken from me so Young, the Only Way is to take the Deaths of Others in Return. But I’m Nice, I’m no Murderer. I’m a Courtesan who specializes in Consensual Death Giving and if you want to touch me Old Men of the World now you and I know the Price.

How to not end up Dead with him: kill him, he's going to die Anyhow and you can make it Gooooood.

See ya


Ganja Goddess Counterculture Cabaret & Social House - Vancouver, Skookumchuck, Canada

What with Mr McEwan stepping down from his Podium of Condescension he needs a New Livelihood and what can a Man in his Sixties do for Dough after he loses his eLevated Civil Servant Position still wishes to earn enough for a Jaguar and a Mistress and Plenty European Vacations and Xpensive Wines and Silky Gowns to placate his Wife for the about-Face in the Final 3rd xcept become a Gangster like his Son who lost him his Job? Every Newly Minted Gangster, Mr McEwan, needs a Clubhouse, so use whatever Money you have to open

Boi, that’s Popular already

The Ganja Goddess or the GG ( oooh, the GG ) will be Canada’s Premier Cabaret, a Strip Club like no Other, unOfficial Headquaters @ Fun Party Imaginary Utopian Anarkist Political Party joins itSelf fronted by Brian McEwan my Vote Best-looking Man in Canada but I’m Biased he was my Neighbor and I used to fuck in his Bed. Classic Gangsters we Kids from Smithers will hang around the Ganja Goddess plotting our Piracy for the Vicarious Amusement of Millions.

The Creation of Such an eStablishment would unDoubtably attract the Attention of the Hell’s Angels who control the Lower Mainland Sx Trade. There is Only One Thing to do: befriend and work with them. Offer Legal, Social and PR Support to the Hell’s Angels, Assistance in ending the Cultural Stigmatization against Black Market Professionals, a Stake in the Ganja Goddess, a Pad for their Well-behaved Associates, and a Market for their Drugs. Propose Caleb McEwan as Sonny Barger’s Heir and send Caleb to meet Sonny and seek his Approval.

If Police get All up in our Faces for opening a Den of Vice take them to Court on the Basis it’s a Human Rights Violation to impede People’s Abilities to open and manage Black Market Clubhouses where Fun can be had in the Company of Others. If the Government tries to stop us from opening &/ running the Ganja Goddess Cabaret as we see fit, we will topple the Government.

Ganja Goddess Counterculture Cabaret & Social House ought to have

- Bar with an Xcellent Selection of Absinthe  
- Hookahs
- Comfy Seating
- Drug Nooks
- Stage
- Dancefloor
- Psychedelic Lighting
- Rentable Back Rooms
- Times when it is Open to the Public and Times when it is not
- Several Copies of the Bible, Summertime Sadness, and Small Library
- Mirrors
- Tickle Trunk or Closet Full of Pirate Raver Dressup Clothes
- Art Supplies
- Nostalgic Mounted Photo of Smithers, BC
- Other Oddities & Curiosities
- Top-Notch Sound System
- Several inHouse Bands and Various Musical Acts
- Talented Strippers
- Lax Attitude towards Money and Laissez-faire Attitude towards Schedules
- Projection Machine and Film Screen
- Limited Clientele xcept for Public Events. Start your Own Secret Society!
- Passwords

People to involve

1. Andrea Coates, Mr McEwan, Brian McEwan and Caleb McEwan as Original Board of Directors

2. Hell’s Angels for inVestment, Protection and Collaboration

3. Track down ‘Todd Reddick’ Former Teen Manager of ‘Reddick’s Shack’ & unDoubtedly nowadays an eMbittered Alcoholic living in Tumbledown Obscurity in Some Small Northern BC Town with little to no Prospects in Life besides being recruited to manage and Bar-tend the New and imProved Ganja Goddess Counterculture Cabaret & Social House in Vancouver. How Silly is he going to feel when I swoop back into his Life to offer him the Best Job he is Handsdown going to get offered ever even after he said this about me in a 2010 email - An absolute laughing stock and pathetic excuse for a barely functioning borderline nut case ... bat-shit insane and destined for prostitution - How Right you were, Todd, and guess who bought in? You are Never going to guess but it will xplain EveryThing.

4. ‘Simone Beauvoir’. What is she doing these Days? Is she still a Courtesan? How would she feel about managing a Cabaret with G and Todd Reddick? She could be our Ambassador to Rich Asian Men. I know she likes Rich Asian Men and who doesn't in Vancouver.

5. Lana Del Rey. Request she star in a Feature Burlesque based on her Hit Album Ultraviolence co-starring me and G.

I am turned on by this Project already, aren’t you Mr McEwan? Why spend your Golden Years telling off the Greedy Brown Gangsters and Greedy White Housewives of North Vancouver when you could do Blow in your Own Club, fondle your Younger Son’s Best Hooker, scheme to make your Older Son the Primeminister, and buy your Wife off with the Fact you’re Finally spending Quality Time with the Kids. Yippie!

- from the Philosopher of Sx Drugs & Anarky

p.s. Update: the North Vancouver Police just called to tell me if I try to contact the McEwans again after my Postcard Package of Angry Art Fun I could be charged with Criminal Harassment or SlanderCriminal Harassment or Slander. My First Criminal Accusations as a Gangster. Seems Apt. What will happen Nxt? Will Grumpy Mr McEwan decide I'm Cuter and Smarter than I am a Slanderous Harassment and agree to invest in Ganja Goddess Cabaret with Fabulous LLWAM? Or will I continue to be considered a Threat to his enNobled Hypocrisy? Find out Soon on ACWJ the interNet's Most Dramatic Blog noOne reads for a Reason.