oTV hunting Elusive iRL Female Serial-Killer - OmG it's Private eye. call the Polices! ONowaitOnly I’m Police of me. What happens when you’ve got the Death-Fetish? Do you belong in Jail or on your Own TVshow or what?

You can always count on a murderer for a fancy prose style - Vladimir Nabokov Lolita 1:1
He who does not love abides in death. Everyone who hates his brother is a murderer; and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him. We know love by this, that He laid down His life for us; and we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren. 1 John 3:14-16
women were so thoroughly isolated - cut off from society within the confines of the family, each dependant on her own male, in aggressive competition with one another, and prevented from articulating many of her grievances by the tacit understanding that there is nothing more unpleasant, unworthy, and unattractive than an unhappy woman.- Woman in Sexist Society: Studies in Power and Powerlessness p.xviii

Happiness lies only in that which excites, and the only thing that excites is crime. - Marquis de Sade

Whyso these iNumerable Cop-shows?

The end of the neolithic age is, then, the leapfrogging out of that ancient time when man the hunter settled down and began to cultivate the land and to weave baskets and make pots and tools. The neolithic man after the age of the hunter has suddenly dropped aside or back, and we are back in the age of the hunter, only this time the hunter is a fact-finder, and a researcher, and a discoverer, a sort of James Bond/CIA type. - Marshall McLuhan

Is it format serial television lends itself to investigative drama? Rub of ‘good’ against ‘bad’ raw in Police Drama – a violent good-guy’s hunt for an even more violent mystery bad-guy context contemporary alienating bureaucratic society. Heroes of copshows are middle-class citizen detectives so single-mindedly committed to ‘catching the bad-guy and brining him to justice’ they occasionally break laws in quest of karmic justice and neglect their personal life in entertaining manner usually alcoholism and philandering. TV-format also lends itself to sprawling Family Soap-Operas; synthesis of the two ( hardboiled PD and sprawling FD ) being Gangster Saga – most acclaimed TV-shows and movies are usually Gangster Sagas: FDs ratchetup excitement value by portraying black-market family businesses over time. PD-as-FD must focus on the criminal class because criminals form secretive self-serving clans we are curious about while state cops are paid to remain transparently objective to the Good of Society as an abstracted whole – the necessity of ‘objectivity’ to the state cop’s competence at his job makes the ideal state cop a mundane ‘good-guy’ whose personal life to the extent he is straight and honorable how we want him is not nearly as interesting as the personal life of the gangster-criminal whose professional and functional/dysfunctional familylife bleed together – a death-dealing gangster oTV is humanized by how much he apparently cares for his family despite exposing them to routine violence and illegal smuggling. Criminal clans are rich subject for fictionalization but of course the popularity of the Alpha Gangster Anti-Hero oTV and film means our real-life anti-gangsterism laws are completely absurd – iRL we harrass stigmatize and incarcerate the very people we most enjoy to watch live work oTV even if it is to watch them taken down for their lifestyles we don’t have the guts for stuck in jail where we would prefer not to be – black-market entrepreneurs are a complacent licit economy’s scapegoats; integrated intersectional fulsome society black-market gangster-professionals are understood as fabric of rich life; in that respect TV is far ahead of the Laws needed to catch a Crook.


The Cops oTV are ‘good-guys’ to the extent we are not watching a complx FD but a simplistic moralitytale with hypocritical gore. If we want to be more nuanced than that sympathy goes over to the criminal clans trying to survive despite social prejudice ( innercity and backwoods families become criminals because they are socioeconomically oppressed! ) legal licit and rival black-market harassment ( Tony Soprano was a good upper-middle-class guy! born into a criminal clan! no wonder he needed expensive therapy and several mistresses. who will take his place? his daughter? ). One might say we’ve made legalistic divisions – criminal vs cop – in order to have drama to watch oTV; vicious criminals are routinely created by active or passive legal oppression to be hunted by condescending cops for the televised entertainment of civilian masses who will watch and sympathize with bedraggled black-market Alpha-Dog Tony Soprano on Fiction TV for sure but if you met a real-life mobster? Like if you had purportedly casual sex with AJ for years or a pirate emailed you persistently abut how important her coded blog is or you met a gangster at the bar? how would you like to see the black-market merchant? not at all? in prison? oTV exclusively like a CGI panda after the extinction? being something other than a death-fetishist? That’s how most people would like to see me – as a delusional artist rather than a moll but I keep insisting it should be obvious by now.

I'm sorry but what do you see here?  
Does Andrea Coates look like a novel-artist or does she look like your topnotch-hooker
as Novel-Artist behind these Pinups I say looks mighty suspicious

As gangster’s girl Q: what happens when your neglected bottom-bitche takes up a blog? A: she ruins/rules your life with it! hahahahahahahha fool men  – it is my time to speak up – if you are willing to sympathize with the gangster family oTV you must sympathize with the gangster family iRL or one or both are flawed – TV & Laws.

Why is the dead body-count oTV so very high? Much higher than iRL? Why is TV obsessed with serial-killers? Why are all TV bad-guys these ritualistic serial-killers of women & children so Dexter was the good-guy because he killed other worse male serial-killers? TV teaches it is A-Okay to kill men ( and some women ) if it’s in hot pursuit of an abstracted obsessive devotion to ‘Good vs Evil’ where ‘Good’ oTV usually means ‘obeys the citizenry laws up to the point of letting murders of women and children go unpunished’ or ‘obeys a gangster/outlaw codeofhonor of not killing women or children or male kin or civilians’. So what if I became a female serial-killer hurts only men who hurt women? Then like Dexter would you root for me? Would you put me in jail or oTV? Where would I do more good for society as an elusive female serial-killer you’ve been hunting for nightly entertainment?

 He's got his Red Light on

If I track and kill only male serial-killers like an OCD Cop oTV only the Long-awaited! Vigilante-Justice Prostitute-Mistress! ( how Photogenic ) will people actually cheer me on like I was the protagonist of a TV-cartoonshow where this high-end hooker played by me takes revenge on corrupt old white men?

Only I do it mySelf Lana you Racist Chickenshit Housewife

Would my bloodlust be Justified if I blamed it on resentment of being spoonfed brutalization of young women for edgy entertainment ( the male serial-killer is only as worthy of capturing as he is a genius sexual sadist whose high-profile murders are of tragic-case young white sexysexsex-workers like Andrea Coates who is still alive and kicking your fucking ass Lana ). Why does TV ( and alternative literature right Blakey-Poo and eh James Franco ) revel in dissecting the mind motive and persona of the male serial-killer who tortures and mutilates young women for his extremist kink? At what point does trying to find a monster worth finding turn you into a monster? Are serial-killers oTV the sick ones or are you who so love the idea of dead beautiful sexysexsexual women you invent vicious serial-killers of them to hunt oTV to make yourself look good by comparison but has anyone actually tracked down the man who has been murdering ( mostly indigenous ) women for years on the Highways of Tears running through the North-Western Canadian town where I was born? Women must die for TV-Cop to have any raison-d’être, making TV-Cop complicit in The Killing.

Set: Seattle, Washington, USA. Filmed: Vancouver, BC, Canada City of Missing Women 
in a Province Notorious for its Missing Women - we could call it Juarez of the North - Coincidence - yes? no? - there are such high numbers of missing and murdered women found in the north and south-westernmost provinces of Mexico and Canada touch on the USA border?  
as the Amateur Commited Detective on top of this Case I suspect - America is scapegoating US

If I killed a male serial-killers for my extreme kink would that be evil or would that be okay or would it make a dedicated cop’s career to bring me in? Well. here I am. Offering myself to Super-Cop. Confessing yes I Andrea Coates guilty or not of being an elusive female serial-killer-of-men. You know my name, you know my identity, and if you check this blog you have your case maybe or they wont believe you and will call you crazy and kick you off the force and you will have to go vigilante for your justice like oTV how fun


In the best copshows – for example The Wire – the enemy is not so much a lone deranged serial-killer as socioeconomics of bureaucracy and hypocrisy create cultures of violence and criminality; meta-copshows dissolve an imagined line between ‘good-guy’ and ‘bad-guy’ to reveal our entire society (!) complicit in manifestation of violence and criminality in certain communities and clans: ie black people are not more criminal than white people because they aren’t ‘as good’ as white people, black people are more criminal than white people because white people don’t have a good opinion of black people; indigenous Canadian and Mexican women dont deserve to die more than white American women do, but white men in positions of power have less respect for women of other countries and races; Tony Soprano isn’t a heartless greedy sociopath, he’s a lovably-flawed family-man whose family business happens to be on the black-market where blood-ties and feuds matter for a lot more than they do in licit-market competitions ( the licit-market is objective and transparent in its functions where the black-market is personal and opaque ).


The best copshows – for example True Detective – are not so much about ‘catching the killer’ ( surprise it’s a white male sadist in a position of power covering up for himself with mindcontrolled patsy goons! ) as revealing the ‘bad guy’ to be patriarchal bureaucratic infrastructure as an abstract reality – usually white-male sadists in positions of power get there by gangsterism and coercion only to cloak themselves in legal protection buying out or breeding in politicians to carryon nefarious deeds such as ritualistic murders and rapes unchallenged as structure of law enforcement in patriarchal bureaucratic societies directs obedient state cops like Marty Hart away from deep-seated sources of social illness to various more overtly violent straw-men such as Errol Childress the fictional backwoods child-rapist cult-victim acting on behalf of his powerful Lousiana Tuddle family oTV ( watch it happen like clockwork ) or the vast majority of Hell’s Angels white-supremist bikers acting out against a legalistic society has forsaken them iRL – the only person who can get social-wide justice in patriarchal bureaucratic society, a society where the corrupt and violent but superficially gentlemanly and glittering white rises to power consistently – there he is perfectly legally lording over our dinner table and our country and our self-definitions and our sex-lives – to catch a theif takes a theif –

Oh Joy another Gangster Movie 
( I've seen them All )
in which this is the Xtent of the Character-Development the Female Lead gets

one who is outside civilian law as the patriarchal pyramid's ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ – the only person can kill a Pope is a Mobster – the only person can kill a powerful gangster serial-killer is another more powerful gangster serial-killer fortunately after a certain point what makes a gangster more powerful than another is not his violence but his integrity so….you kill a powerful gangster serial-killer by being more ethical than him in your violent gangster serial-killerism and that’s true across the gender-spectrum. Meadow Soprano could take over married or single she’d be highly successful and hugely powerful plying the black-market given she had the guts to do something radical like shoot her father in the ticker-timer Bang. Anthony Jr meanwhile to be of any use as Lieutenant needs an Aggressive Bottom-Bitche with a Heart of Gold I know exactly who should play her oTV ( with a personality! ).

 I am Gangster Queen Bitche of Canada you may call me Andrea
dis is my TV-Show

an eSpecially Goodlooking Woman kills People hosts Fabulous Drug-induced Gang-Rape BBQs 
I know how you BadBois luv that Fun squirt squirt
The best TV shows and books and movies according to me draw parallel between political power and corruption of ethics – the two are one and the same. If I’m like the world’s most ethical girl ( why not ) if I want political power for my utopian love ideology that rules I have to hang out with the world’s most despicable and murderous men and be their compassionate friendly friend. I think I’ll join the Hell’s Angels and have an affair with Kim Jong Un.

I started @Fun Party Anarchist Black-Market Pirate Political Party promoting Human Rights of Gangster-Criminals ( including those Pesky Terrorist Organizations have been giving USA Migrane ), Sex-Workers and Other Outlaw-Freaks. Can we all get along? Yes we Canada@Fun Party!
You wish you'd throught of it but you didnt so now I'm the BBo$$ here have a Wad of
More Change than you can handle Obumba on Guard
NEWS: Pretty Canadian Artist succeeds where Hundreds of Nasty Terroritst Men have failed  
decimates American Military Industrial Complx with Singular Pout
even Presidents Predictably quake before the Birth Canal
White House agrees to Xtensive Renovations to avoid facing Angry Bush 
2015 Canadians @ Fun Party rejoice over second Roof Burning since 1812

Sex-Workers on TV are Victims in need of saving – they are being killed by the bad-guy serial-killer or trying to get out for something better like monogomarriage-love or killing themselves theatrically with drugs like Ginger from Casino or Elvira has Scarface or Mia in Pulp Fiction or Janice of Goodfellas or Mirtha does Blow ( btw heres to Fine Coke-Whores of Film ) cause monogomarriage doesn’t fit and prostitution is cruel. Gangsters oTV are merciless killers or relatable anti-heroes with tempers and drug habits. Gangsters got more nuance oTV than sex-workers in keeping with patriarchy no man is going to draw a witty gangster courtesan into TV as anything beyond a cartoon that would be too self-effacing for him I have to do it myself: Stieg Larsson got 3 books into the Millennium Series and then fell over dead for some reason does it have to do with me the Gangster Goth Girl blogist from Canada, hurts Men who hurt Women, dislikes stilted commercial prose?

are we supposed to believe 2013 Girl-GangsterSploogfestSpring Breakers is 
Likely or unLikely iRL?  
ask you fancy yourself Harmonyous Storyteller - 
where them Steely GGirls come from and where they going?
 "Ladies pirating for Money is like fucking for Condoms"
 Quote iRL Literally the Most Famous TV Coke-Whore of All Time
Here we are at Dinner how Civilized


The best Canadian copshow I’ve seen is Intelligence lasted 2 seasons and ended anticlimactically but overall a phenomenal portrayal I think of Canada’s West Coast organized criminal scene I’m going to copy it for my fabulous gangster life I’m making up to get revenge on my abusive neighbor boyfriend ( and his dad who likes delinquent nymphets ) blocked me on facebook so I would?wouldn’t? out him as a drug-dealer/negligant-pimp ( son of a barely-legal rapist ) to his nice friends and family oops. The Female Characters on Intelligence are involving – the organized-crime bureau chief who cultivates the drug-dealer anti-hero as an informant, a madam who connects sex-workers to police for favors, an illegal-immigrant sex-worker spy who gets in over her head, the drug-dealer’s addict ex-wife and mother of his child, the only crummy female character on Intelligence was the young woman the drug-dealer hooked up with in Season 2 had no personality at all what does that indicate when I have so very much personality and ambition and am going to take over in Vancouver where the drug-dealer got shot and the show canceled? Like why are there so many shows about male serial-killers and male gangsters but none about female gangsters or female serial-killers? Are we afraid to broach believable female assassins and gang leaders because to do so is to call upon the real deal? kNock kNock. I'm here for my Audition? Actress portrayed Snoop, androgynous female assassin on The Wire, has been repeatedly arrested on drug-trafficking charges – she’s not an actress, she’s a gangster – her nickname is actually ‘Snoop’! ( all gangsters have nicknames )

They call me Hap'E Crimson

Is ‘female gangster’ something a woman can’t act with much credibility unless she is? while any reasonably talented male can affect an accent a slouch or a suit and pretend for a TVshow and then get praised for the imbued sympathy of it. What if I produced a Canadian TVshow starring me about a gangster-chik sets out to kill the guy who is murdering women on the Highway of Tears? Would that be more effective at flushing the guy out than decades of do-nothing policing in the region? I have a personal gripe to bring up at the dinner table but the law-enforcement officer lording over it is eyeing me funny I wonder what he wants more salad? Eitherway if oTV/iRL I snuffed out the guy who’s killing women on the Highway of Tears would people be all about it like they would be if I was acting oTV/iRL? Where do we draw the fine line between fiction and reality? It’s okay for TV to portray men hurting women for a fabricated mystery where lots of men and women get shot trying to find the guy who serially-mutilates women but if a woman shoots men who mutilate women for real oTV? Vancouver-area serial-killer of sex-workers Robert Pickton’s trial was shrouded in clauses and corruption. I say – take him out to the woods tie him to a tree and shoot him in the face and torso and groin and legs about a 100X leave him for the wolves to eat they probably wont even have to burn him. I’ll do it myself.  How’d you like to see that on the news? Really clean up this country like tough on crime as the conservatives say.

Wrong Snowy Mountainous Pacific Country Director X! Wrong Flag at the Club! This is the Great Gangster Myth of Canada get it Right

at this Table

So imagine there was a famous fabulous female genius serial-killer-of-men oTV  - what would her motives be? The male genius serial-killer oTV is obviously driven by sick sexual power fetish and enjoys toying with persistent ‘ethical’ police – cop-heroes meanwhile get their whole sense of self-worth out of the righteousness they feel in ending a mad-man’s spree to attract their adulation. What about the female serial-killer-of-men? Is she driven by sick sexual power fantasy? Perhaps I is. There exist in popular lore a number of poisoners, women are known to be poisoners, poisoning their husbands, quietly stealthily to get away with it and move on. In the case of a woman who poisons and moves on it’s an act of desperation I think but the thing about meticulously killing a person I think it’s like a drug and can become an emotional and sexual fixation if you start thinking about it or do it once so I heard there have been women serial-poisoners of husbands but have there ever been women who mutilate multiple male bodies leaving them in symbolic postures like we see the male genius serial-killer do to women oTV all the time like it’s often that happens – in the province I live yes it is often that happens for decades past we have had two active serial-killers of women ( mostly indigenous women and sex-workers ), one in the north and one in the south, one is the south is caught one in the north not. The female ritualist serial-killer-of-men has barely existed in popular imagination or reality by comparison to the male ritualist serial-killer-of-women oTV&iRL ( when a man is serial-killer-of men he joins the army or becomes a mobster and no-one bats an eye ). If such a woman were to exist, for the sake of a TV-show perhaps, a female sex-worker serial-killer who murders men in symbolic manner, would that woman be the ‘bad-guy’ like the man doing so to females most certainly is? or would the woman ritual mutilator of men be consensually servicing the death-fetish of sadistic men ( the kind of men most likely to wind up with a death-fetish )?  What would her motives be? Would her motives be sick cruel power delusions of control and terror or a kind appreciated offering to help someone end their life artfully and on their own conditions? And why is the gender division so sharp in these two incidences – when I imagine a woman who ritualistically terminates the lives of men I picture someone of great empathy offering a consensual service whereas when I image a man who ritualistically terminates the lives of women I see a sick monster stealing deaths he doesn’t deserve or can there be both and?

I would call this Monster Fashion Look - Defiance 
"Hey Honey you know Pretty Charlize Theron got a Bunch of Awards pretending to be Ugly Ol me who got the Death Pentalty 6X? I call that - Hypocricy."

A woman might also become a serial-killer-of-men out of need for vengeance as iRLcase of Aileen Wuornos or oTVcase of female assassin ‘The Bride’. It’s easy to see how an iRLcase like Aileen Wuornos would lead to a string of retaliatory murders of rapey men. We accept the Bride’s Kill Bill spree as honorable and root for her in her killing spree because what her assassin squad did to her and her child. While we socially-accept Aileen Wuornos was a murderess and maybe deserved and asked for lethal injection - "Thanks a lot, society, for railroading my ass” she said shortly before they killed her, also “I’ll be back” - we accept as movie-goers that the people who die in Kill Bill had it coming they deserved to die for their cruel betrayal of one of their own and involvement in black-market death-dealing in the first place right but are we so forgiving when it’s in the news? If we discovered a case of a woman assassin swore revenge on those who betrayed her? iRL would the Bride have cops on her tail? Or as an ‘assassin’ ( read: professional serial-killer ) is she above being hounded by cops manner low-class prostitute murderess Aileen Wuornos was not spared?

When we watch Kill Bill are we supposed to imagine the Bride so socially-elevated in her organized-criminal circles cops turn a blind eye to her activities or don’t even know such people exist? If cops had been tracking the Bride or the Deadly Viper Assassin Squad would they have done anything to stop the Bride or would they have called her rampage against fellow good-looking high-level assassins Justice? A male assassin goes around killing women who wronged him? That guy is messed up and should be put out of his misery. A female assassin goes around killing men who’ve wronged her? They had it coming, didn’t they. Literally. If you ( or I ) are a crafty hit-woman that is a good way to sell a man his inevitable death for the fair price of an American Legend. He'd have to appreciate the cunning in that.

My teenage gangster boyfriend told me the best way to die would be while having an orgasm. Sure. But realistically how do you kill yourself and give yourself an orgasm at the same time there Buddy-Boi?

Somebody else pretty much has to be involved for those two things to happen simultaneously – orgasm and suicide – with any sort of grace or style.  He gives me such odd ideas. then pretends it wasn’t him. he’s just like his dad. his mentor. whomever.

David Carradine a man of certain grace and style 
ended his life via auto-erotic-asphyxiation
That's one way to do it A, G
are you so deft or do you need my help?

So say there were these cops watching the Deadly Vipers or who caught wind of the Bride being on this killing spree did they think ‘we should stop her! she belongs in jail or dead!’ like if she were a man or a low-class hooker robbing johns or would they look into her motives for the killing spree and say ‘those other high-end assassins tried to kill her and her baby we’ll just let her finish them off’ and does that suggest getting away with being a female outlaw killer ( as opposed to a female state soldier or cop ) has entirely to do with a) social class and b) motive

Elizabeth Bathory Hungarian Baroness of the 16th Century is perhaps ourstory’s most famous female serial-killer – she is said to have killed hundreds of lesser-class young women for sadistic pleasure and is an oddity. She didn’t seem to kill higher-class men. That would have made her the Queen.

I am also planning to kill myself by stabbing mySelf in the Heart 
after I collect a satisfactory number of tattoo stories and followers 
how coincidental or iz it not coincidental at all mmmm

But if a stunt woman wanted to say for example be iRL a female version of the male bad-guy on The Following – an outlandish literary-professor turned serial-killer cult-leader is perused by Kevin Bacon as the determined alcoholic cop – if she wanted to be that for a novel lifestory but not be hounded by any alcoholic cops or called a monster or put in jail or killed in the cop’s righteous power quest or by another more villainous serial-killer should she after the ease with which the Bride gets away with being a decadent female assassin because her motives are understandable to the average movie-goer the successful literary-author turned serial-killer cult-leader woman should focus on ensuring her motives are understandable to the average movie-goer? What relatable motives could a woman-artist have for becoming a serial-killer cult-leader?

these People DO look very brainwashed DONT they

Good Job Charles Manson or America or whomever 
is Responsible for the Murderous Family of Daffy Hippies
Read the plotline for or watch season 1 
of internationally-produced copshow Top of the Lake 
and imagine 
the remote mountainous setting is Canada rather than New Zealand, the raped-in-the-past female adult cop is the raped-in-the-present female child victim, pregnancy is a metafor, and the male main-suspect backwoods drug-dealer father with two tall idiot sons is the male police-cheif asks the female cop to marry him but turns out in the final episode to have a secret fetish for drugging and raping teenagers at orgy parties! & what do you get? The absolutely truely bizarre lifestory of Andrea Coates meets the Incestuous Death-Fetishist SmTop of the Lake-dwelling Patriarchal Neighbor Family. I call this overlapping of semi-fantastical plotlines the collective unconscious - there's even a female cult-leader homesteader sets up her Paradise Commune on what the grumpy main-suspect thinks is his land! in case you were wondering the answer to the novel mystery America is me, Andrea, RiotGrrl Queen of Canada oTV. Did I tell you I grew up on a small lake on a Large Mountain I'm going to cathartically throw my books about my weirdo life into? So go fuck yourSelf America this is Turtle isLand Once again 
 What is that a Sword?

 Nah it's a Gun

We’re supposed to take it for granted a man would be pure evil as cult-leader with devoted murderous followers for his kinky art project and we must absolutely cop him, would we wonder so very hard why a woman-artist would want to command a biker gang and live on a remote feminist commune? Or does that sound like kind of person would make a superb cult-leader for criminal outlaws to idolize and totally unstoppable like the Bride? 
I wonder because I'm a Philosopher

NEWS: Despite Best Efforts to hide from Meddlesome Parents
SmTTeenage Canadian Revolutionary GothGangsters convinced TV is on to them
Fortunately my Parents Mostly watch Sports
What Northern SmT? What SchoolBus? What Lawyer? What Accident? What Famous Canadian Child-Actress/Director covers Folk Songs? What inCestuous Manager Dad? What Truth? What Pied-Piper Sweet Hereafter? Are we stuck in Some Kind of Time Loop? You tell me Mr Egoyan what this Movie is about Teacher made me watch it in Highschool

Fact of the matter is without evil-villain serial-killer gangster to hunt there is no reason for a good-guy hero-cop to exist – his self conception as hero depends on another guy being there and being evil, which gives the bad-guy as much right to exist and thrive as the good-guy and makes a good-guy’s efforts to track down a bad-guy and do him in more about his own narcissism as the self-conceived ‘good-guy-hero-cop’ making him equal or even less sympathetic than the maligned ‘bad-guy-antihero-criminal’ ( says the Attractive Woman wondering which one of them to bag ) – in how many shows have you rooted for the bad-guy because he was more interesting than the good-guy who was but a stiff straight board for the bad-guy to bounce his compelling lunacy off. When the bad-guy is killed the show is over because good-guy’s spared life loses any and all cinematic significance ( so who should I keep Alive with my Ovaries wonders the Woman ). Hero kills bad-guy gets the girl and then who cares. The only way to keep things riveting and self-glorifying oTV&iRL is to keep inventing more henious bad-guys.or girls.to feel righteous about defeating. or - make the New Sherif in Town an X-Con in Disguise!

'Banshee' is usually a Fierce Woman but in this Big SmT Secret our Criminal-as-Cop AntiHero is a Man again why
whatever I'm used to it so very underrated is my particular shining star

Well with Feminism and the Internet that's what happening in Politics everywhere Cheers
 now who wants to put what in whose vagina

Is the same true of women? A ‘good-woman’ is superfluous without the ‘bad-woman’ to contrast her to? So…..the way to cultivate more ‘good-women’ is to cultivate more outright ‘bad-women’ whom to compare ordinary girls to in their sweetness by contrast? Like what’s the point of having a virgin if you haven’t already had a whore? Am I doing women in general a favour by offering myself as an example of evil-emotional man-hating serial-killer black-widow cougar gold-digger mistress-prostitute gang-leader rape-accuser’ the worst of all possible womens! go on - try and think of worse I dare you - so any other woman will look like ‘devoted-angel-girlfriend-civil-kitten-heart-successful-love-wife-home-mother-sex-goddess’ in comparison ( including Lena Dunham. how amazingly attractive as Immaculate Wife/Mother have I made Lena Dunham compared to me the Scary Militant Lesbian Leader of a Motorcycle Gang you have to pay Xpensive Things to have Sx with )? Maybe even in the same person’s psyche? How meta is that copshow? The serial-killer is the hero-cop! Or was that Dexter and Banshee and? How would I portray a female serial-killer/heroine-cop oTV if not by becoming my ideal gangster-assassin/woman-saint iRL?


Uh...you know that Makeup wont wash off DO u Heath?

At a certain point the actor must become the action or risk an ego-death more than figurative, as in the tragic cases of Heath Ledger ( dead of overdose after performing as discordian serial-killer ‘the Joker’ from Batman and a magician’s apprentice in The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus ) and Phillip Seymour Hoffman ( dead of overdose after performing as a cult-leader in The Master ) – actors are fakes and it eats at the best of them: pretending to be but not actually being a cult-leader anarchist magician gangster will ruin your self-esteem. I wish to make no such mistake – I am so for real a cult-leader anarchist magician gangster – the only way to portray a serial-killer/sex-worker anti-heroine oTV ( who isn’t totally cartoon camp like the Bride from Kill Bill or Catwoman from Batman or the Amoral Barbies from Spring Breakers ) is to be a female serial-killer sex-worker anti-heroine oTV. But of course I haven’t killed anyone. Hm. Whom should I kill and all important – why?

Hit List

Hahahahha yeah right read the Blogs be a True Detective.

Kill Bill is campy because it’s hard to imagine the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad as portrayed in this movie existing as a real thing but let’s give it a whirl because that sounds so hot for an orgy doesn’t it? A secret-society of high-level assassins, most of whom are women, run by this suave old ninja named Bill and his gangster younger-brother who wears a cowboy hat named Budd. I would totally be in that Orgy Kill Squad I think I’d be the Bottom-Bitche Bride. -

Yayo ya U

Bill ( or Snake Charmer or David Carradine ) is in love with his most talentedest female assassin or Bottom-Bitch ( the Bride or Black Mamba or Beatrix Kiddo or Uma Thurman ) makes secondest female assassin ( Elle Driver or California Mountain Snake or Daryl Hannah ) mad with jealousy. When the Bride takes off to start a new life Bill gets his Kill Squad together to track her down and do her in – if Elle Driver the secondary woman wasn’t ragey-jealous she would have told Bill to let the Bride go and usurped Bottom-Bitche position like that – her need to revenge herself on the Bride brings about her demise and is why she only ever made it to 2nd Place. Lana ( formerly Del Rey ) perhaps moreso cleverly has chosen instead to idolize me as if I were the patron-saintess of striptease artists. Elle's eyepatch ( imagining the Bride is me and Elle is Lana ) can be interpreted as a nod to the Illuminati One-Eye Salute blinds popular sell-out mainstream stars like Lana from the truth of their inferior positions as cultural icons.

How Many these Illuminati Puppets will be remembered and honored in 10 years? 20? 100? 200? 2,000? Selling out: it isnt worth the Money

Now – how does such a situation happen? Like iRL not just oTV? In what circles do these folks travel if we are to imagine the Deadly Vipers are real people with real life events and not puppets? That Bill ( and Budd? ) was raised or father-figured by a pimp called Esteban Vihaio who keeps his whores in line by cutting their faces is the most obvious hint as to the origins of the type of man would cultivate and manage high-end female assassins: the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad is a gangster’s harem to which Godfather Bill’s Brother Budd as such is granted access ( no men but Bill and Budd are indicated to be members of the Kill Squad – the women are sent to a male Sensei but he is not part of the Squad ). Bill I intuit is a pimp’s adopted son ( the son of a whore? ) who has chosen to advance himself in the underworld by mastering and manipulating women with potential as assassins ( read: and whores ) using his inherited pimping ( read: sadistic sexual mind-control ) powers to command them as a team at his disposal, which does not necessarily mean the pimp has penetrative sex with all the female members of his harem ( though he might ) but that the most talented pimps use ritualized sadomasochistic power games ( Satanic Ritual Abuse ) to ensure the loyalty and malleability of women. Real people like Bill are not ‘good-guy’s but they can become hugely powerful in crepuscular elite society.

Does Bill belong in jail? Or dead? Or further entertaining us oTV &@ exclusive parties?

Just a Stranger on a Bus....tryna make his Way Home....or maybe if He had a Son that would be Good toooooooo

What sort of woman has potential as a high-end assassin? ie: a younger Godfather Bill the pimp’s adopted son sets out to make himself a harem of devoted trained-killer females to protect himself against/impress black-market competitors ( other high-level male drug-traffickers, assassins and pimps I imagine ) – where does he go looking to fulfill his bizarre violent power-hungry inherited sexual complx?


We are given more of O-Ren Ishii ( or Cottonmouth or Lucy Lui )’s backstory than the Bride’s or Elle Driver’s or Vernita Green’s or Sofie Fatale’s or Gogo Yubari’s. The ‘Queen of the Tokyo Underworld’s parents were murdered by a gangster she swore revenge and killed him while still a small girl ( he was trying to fuck, naturally – he killed the parents so he could fuck the girl so she could kill him ). My contribution to gangster lore: whosoever you first kill you become. You first kill the boss you become the boss. You first kill a low-life you die a low-life. Kill indiscriminately die indiscriminately; kill righteously die righteously; etc. O-Ren Ishii grows up to command her own underworld army and a good deal of respect only to be taken out by the Bride for an act of betrayal against a more talented assassin.

The Bride’s fixation is Bill – he is the father of her stolen child, he trained her to be an assassin and will probably do the same to their daughter, he must die – suggest her origins lie with the much-older Snake Charmer – he looks old enough to her father. I have written that when a generational rape takes place ( a person is raped by someone old enough to be their biological parent ) a ‘Death Boogie’ is generated must either kill or be killed – typically in cinema young females taking up weapons &/ becoming assassins is tied overtly or symbolically ( usually symbolically – this is Hollywood ) to pedophilia and incest

Big Daddy -? Why does your Vicious little Girl say "Cunt"?


Hardly anyOne oTV aParently believes in the Young Girl as Assassin without  
Strong Influence of a Father Figure
 "Go on little Girl do it"

perhaps the exception is 2013 gangster film Spring Breakers also based around my life or vice versa portrays 2 female gangsters as ruthless but mysteriously manifest – presented but for their sociopathy as middle-class college girls how they got so violent ( do you want to bet it was sexual abuse? ) is left to my speculation – in Spring Breakers we get 2 female sociopaths who charm 2 other young women into dabbling in robbery, drug-trafficking and death-dealing; Brittany and Candy‘s progression as gangster assassins however still owes much to the mentorship of an older male, Alien the Florida Wigger as played by James Franco, and as in Kill Bill a harem dynamic is present – at the end of Spring Breakers the sociopathic females take off alone, Alien having been shot and killed, to do what I wonder without their Daddy in the band? Get jobs at banks? Fuck each other? Find a new pimp? Jump off a coke cliff?

the Startling Resemblance is Elizabeth Grant not so much sue&really watch it Sugar Pussy
you playing me again oTV since when who is a

Mountain Lyon grow up this time around Great Story I get tour Turtle isLand

I think for cosmic reasons a young woman over a number of years repeatedly and regularily raped by a father-figure will likely without intensive psychiatric therapy if not absolutely metaforically die or become a killer: the older person steals vital energy from the younger person when they rape them; to the extent this life-energy is stolen it must be replaced through further rapes or bloodlettings in order to be replenished or the younger will die sucked dry by a spiritual vampire like Lolita. In the most ideal instances of inter-generational sexual vampirism a fair deal is struck: my life for your death – as in the case of Bill and Beatrix: she kills for his glory but he must die by her hand – it is significant that her ‘last name’ is Kiddo ( that is your Hollywood symbolism – so the ‘pregnancy’ with the ‘daughter’ of Bill and Beatrix can be reinterpreted as ‘the girl who lives inside’

the stolen child who was raped and brainwashed into killing for her pimp she loves because she has never been given a chance to love someone else who might have been kinder to her, the murders of her wedding party and the young man she attempted to marry ‘to raise Bill’s child’ symbolic of how rape by a much older man devastates a young woman’s ability to find intimate fulfillment with a man of her own generation – the Groom can’t ‘impregnate’ the Bride because Bill already has - and Bill or the Spirit of Bill is so insulted Kiddo would rather be with a younger man he tries to kill her - maybe he didnt have to try?: Bill has issues and Beatrix’s desire to escape him is understandable if impossible - sexual relationships like that are so self-defining as to be self-annihilating but what would you know Lana I jumped your place in line to spare you that particular American horror show ).

What would happen to the Rest of your Life if on a Long-anticipated Wedding-Day the Father of the Groom molested you for looking so dang much like the oTV Lolita he saw years ago? 
"Oh No I married into a Satanic Rape Cult how did I not see this coming?" says Devasted lalaLana Bride 
am I curious enough to find out?

A: Nah lets just get it over with so none else has to

pick up the Bill

If Elle Driver’s origin story is imagined as similar to Beatrix Kiddo’s ( orphan girl-child procured through human-trafficking networks or seduced off streets raised as harem-mistress and loyal assassin to gangster male ) we can relate to her rage in being second-bested. Elle comes to kill Beatrix while she is in a coma but Bill calls her off and Elle complies – she is more concerned about pleasing Master Bill than getting the better of a female rival.


Sofie Fatale – O-Ren’s lawyer and a protégé of Bill’s – has the profile of an MK-Ultra Presidential-Model Human-Laptop Slave trained by Snake-Charmer Bill, that is a high-end and formally-educated sex-slave brainwashed through Satanic Ritual Abuse since childhood to obey commands of powerful individuals why? iRL claimed-escaped high-end sex-slaves often suffer from Multiple-Personality-Disorder. MK Ultra Slaves are commonly found in the entertainment industry – evidence exists to link unusual behaviors and corporate arts of Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Amanda Bynes, Anna Nicole Smith, Natalie Portman, Milla Jovovich, Ke$ha, Beyonce, Katy Perry and many many more to MK-Ultra ritualist mind-control slave-production techniques used by the ‘Illuminati’ the world’s most unethical sex-cult and black-market network influences large swaths of corporate mass media and entertainmnet politics just out of the Limelight – but MK slaves are also used as classified information storage containers for powerful individuals and may be university-educated, like O-Ren’s ‘lawyer’ as those with high-intellects often develop photogenic memories.


Vernita Green ( or Copperhead or Vivica A Fox ) is shown to quit assassining people and get married and move to the middle-class suburbs which is I think is highly unlikely to be functional to the level shown in Kill Bill without intense years-long therapeutic treatment for someone who has involuntarily undergone ritual brainwashing to turn them into an assassin or sex-slave or human-laptop. It suggests Vernita rather than having multiple-personality-disorder like brainwashed current and former slaves is a female sociopath who can turn from killer to stepford wife on a dime but if that’s the case – Vernita’s a sociopathic former high-end assassin and harem-girl – what on earth is she doing with a husband earns a mundane middle-class income? a highly-intelligent sociopathic female would be married to a highly-intelligent sociopathic male probably with a huge unethical fortune. Unless she is trying to hide from the death she knows is headed for her from a betrayed colleague?

Sidewinder strikes me as Familiar from Somewhere
who do I know looks likes Swords and Beer and SmTrailer Parks and Strippers and has a Creepy Older 'Brother/Boss' hmm G
 hey B-Boi who do does this Number beside you look like? howdoes TV do that? It must be Majik! URStupidmakeurOwnMovieMajik!

And what of Brother Budd ( or Sidewinder or Michael Madson )? He’s my favorite character even though I think I’m the Bride he reminds me of Someone I miss a Lot. A boy raised in conditions described – whether younger brother or son of high-level pimp, assassin, drug-trafficker and gangster – is entirely useless in the straight world to the extent he’s aggressively masculine - he might escape the underworld and be successful if he's maybe born with the skills and personality of a Hollywood set-designer ( the ‘underworld’ is that small% of society lives much closer to our unconscious Id than maybe the rest of us, that is people work the black-market: drug-traffickers, flesh-peddlers, thieves, death-dealers, magicians etc ). Having distanced himself from Godfather Bill after the attempted murder of the Bride, Budd becomes the hapless bouncer of a shady smalltown stripclub tellingly harassed by his lowlife boss. The younger and less talented of two gangster males can either remain at his superior’s side and enjoy a certain level of prestige and power ( he was in the harem ), try to usurp his superior’s position and likely fail or rack up bad karma, or try to ‘go straight’ and live as a sad-sack nobody. Budd note is not killed by a human assassin like the rest of the Deadly Vipers turned on Bottom-Girl Black Mamba, but bit by a snake sicked on him by Elle Driver – the animal represents himself, his animal soul, his source of identity and power ie Budd signed his suicide note when he left Bill, his human source of identity and power, or failed to sexually-satisfy Elle the female second-in-command, instead leaving them for a more routine life that would be easier, yes, but makes a middling man of him and drives him to suicide or being flippantly knocked off by Elle who would rather have Bill if she could. Maybe Budd and the Bride should have run off together how romantic! Or no that would have been worse for Bill who is a jealous tyrannical Humbert Humbert like your snakey trouser dad which is why we ought to kill him so we can go free but not while you're a teenager of rectal cancer that would be sad and pathetic I wouldnt wish that on your dad as it wouldnt reflect well on you who I think highly of and your mom could not deal so we'll wait till he's I mean I'm old enough and then

( Quentin Tarantino for Some Reaon like Lana Del Rey is obsessed with Half-Assing Impersonations of Canada's Deadly-Adorable Gangster Pornographers. Is it cause we are so Kitschy? )
Hiding in the Closet Bitches you think I got a Job after our Lowlife? Nah I went Professional

In Kill Bill Budd buries Beatrix in a Wood Coffin, which is kind of like what G-Buddy has done to me - buried me alive in his heart and I am going to smash my way out using Shamanic Widsom also conjured to threaten PedoFather with eNgorging Ass Cancer Deep into the Past then cured so I could kill him later in a more Aesthetic way when his Wifemom would be less sad about it because I am a Deadly Viper with Compassion for the Feelings of Boys' Nice Innoncent Moms.

thats Right after you buried me Buddy I dropped out of your Middle-Class Rat-Race to learn Majik Arts from a Wizard
now I can xplode Hearts and travel through Time

It is possible to interpret Kill Bill as a splashy racially-insensitive sausage-gaze reshoot of the Foundational Canadian Gangster Myth of SmT Andrea Coates and her Incestuous Neighbor Men. Budd in my myth is the younger brother working in collusion with his father and older brother to find and cultivate females for a black-market harem. Andrea Coates is their Favorite Girl, the Sorry little Girl didnt get to be youngest son's Bride cause Daddy called shotgun back when she was like 13 avenges the violence done onto her life by plotting cinematic deaths of her Godfathers and other men she feels have wronged women – her fellow harem-girls are not her enemies but male serial-killers rapists and misogynistic culturally-appropriative film-directors Quentin Tarantino of Kill Bill could not have given that much credit to a female gangster without her showing up at his door in a black turtleneck kNock kNock. Who's there? My Name is Andrea Queen of Canada Truly Firey Snuffilmaker some they call me the Bride Child Sorry lil Girl. An Axe raised in Chapter One has - to grind in Chapter....


In the Kill Bill films the Bride travels the world to find Bill who is hiding, but how like she sits next to her sword on a plane? who do you have to be for airlines to let you do that? and with what money given Bill has been master of most her life and career? iRL money comes from somewheres and needs to be parked somewheres else to be accessed and following the moneys leads to the source of most mysteries. Like why is my BF G such an awful Jerk to me? Where does his moeny come from? his Dad. Crime of the Awful Boyfriend solved. I would say iRL if there were such a thing if I believed in such a thing witch maybe I dont maybe I only believe oTV and you can presently blame yourselves for making it more appealing than iRL where I am a jealous underrated blogger and smalltown welfare mother/temporarily laid-off hooker trying to get the snobby neighbor family from my remote nordic wilderness hometown to apologize to me for their sociopathic son brainwashing me with violent films and various illegal drugs and backhanded peerpressure to behave like an ideal oTV coke-whore - high-end female gangster assassins are courtesans – women of the demimonde/underworld/Id make their living through sexual affairs maybe an odd hit. Balancing ( selling sx and death together as convenient discount-price package with your first large-order shipment of cocaine ) makes a certain practical sense ( as well as deep metaphysical sense ): imagine you are a high-end female assassin dispatched to kill a powerful underworld competitor or foul-player on behalf of your lunatic master controls you with his difficult sword penis metafor. How are you going to accomplish the dangerous mission so he will pet your hair and call you a good girl for your troubles? Are you going to sit in abandoned building across the street from Mark's office for days on end with a sniper rifle? Or are you going to seduce Mark, get in close, make it look like an accident, a suicide, the work of somone he trusted, etc?  I think the latter kind of female assassin is more valuable is why you my insane pimpster would use a female rather than a male assassin: for reasons might be true or fantasy I came up with to sexually-appeal to my twisted boyfriend so he'll pet my hair and call me a good girl for my troubles high-end female assassins are high-end sex-workers. So. If the Bride had been cut-off from Bill but needed money to travel and find him….that’s how she would get her money: by being a high-end hooker so high-end they let her sit next to her sword on a plane! wow. she must be queen of a whole country sitting there doodling about killing her lovers in that notebook on a plane.

Though the idea of a prostitute so cunning but loyal to her pimp she would seduce and kill on his behalf begins to stretch credibility I can understand why a sociopathic power-hungry gangster male would covet such a creature or several and put them in porn movies. The only way I know of to render a woman so submissively adherent to you she would seduce and kill other men on your behalf is Abuse-based Mind-Control in its more advanced form of Satanic Ritual Abuse. MK-Ultra and Monarch Satanic Ritual Abuse practices are horrendous and their effectiveness is known to start to break down after a few decades ( after which the slave is ‘thrown from the freedom train’ – a suicide by drug-overdose is often easily faked by handlers if the slave doesnt commit suicide like programmed ) but can be used to program an amnesiac slave with induced multiple-personalities to do virtually anything or be virtually anyone. However even though the Bride is violent she doesn’t seem to suffer the effects of a fractured psyche in keeping with a Monarch Mind-Control Slave – instead she appears consistently lucid and to take pride in her identity as Bill’s assassin even while she desires to kill Bill, retire, and to keep her daughter from the same life. When we learn her ‘real name’ is ‘Beatrix Kiddo’ we see her as a grown woman posing as a child raising her hand in class as if she were volunteering.

 yeah well you deserve it maybe

When she finally confronts Bill he compares her to Superman – not a regular hero dresses up to be transformed but a Superwoman who must put on a costume to fit in among the humans: we get the impression being a great gangster’s assassin has been her calling, not something she did while unconscious or coerced by mind-control.  I see the Bride as a woman whose life was stolen by the power-mongering gangster Bill yes but accepted her position and worked with him because she felt what he wanted her to do was worth doing, who only decided to run away when another generation was at risk of being sucked into the underworld without its consent. That suggests a male who wants to command a harem of woman-ninjas is better off convincing women it’s worth doing than brainwashing them to do it without their being consciously aware of what they are doing. And he certainly should not steal their children.

Beverly Hills Pimp_02

In related news this is hilarious. Read up G - Taquarius Ford’s pimpin manual freeon the internets is worth so very more than your degree you paid Daddy's money for. Hahahahha fool men. he went to jail but I got his manual. Why did Taquaius Ford the Beverly Hills Pimp get sent to jail? He lied. Way to get away with being a criminal is to confess to being a criminal before you do a damned thing – make them want to see you do it like it was oTV. Watch them rewrite their state laws to glipse you do what you said you would do oTVs. Read his pimp's guide to life and this account of frauding with Bottom-Bitch Emma and judge: does Taquaris Ford belong in jail or in business? I'll campaign on behalf of his freedom to do what he does well I'm Canadian but I can put in a good word or two my only condition is hoe over dough is how it goes. ass over cash. etc.

 Beverly Hills Pimp_01
look at him lounging testily I can tell he's going to do something wicked to my childish love-feelings I keep being fooled into thinking he returns yet while he takes advantage of my indefatigable eagerness to play his charming sexually-experimental party girlfriend sigh another night another botched lie 
Corporate Goth. Health Goth. wtf People. What Kind of Corporation does the Healthy Goth run?

 It is my belief ( recall I am a person believes every TV I watch is me ) as a teenager I was subjected to rudimentary forms of Abuse-based Mind-Control at the cold calculated whims of my sociopathic goth boyfriend coincidentally or due to intuitive casting looks like Michael Madsen met Robert Iler at the northwest intersection of a trailer-park brothel the result of which was the production of this ‘prostitute’ identity within my psycho-sexual complx and massive house-burning resentments of ‘patriarchy’ I express as online rant stories of becoming the beautiful hooker-assassin-of-infamous-men burns what displeases her! However because the Mind-Control of public humiliation and trauma vs private reward and pleasure + select film subconcious impressions used on me as a teenager and young adult were not nearly so sophisticated as MKUltra or Monarch practices I think I retain a good deal of self-empowerment as an adult and am functional enough to get myself to a psychiatrist who will diagnose me too nutty to money job work without resorting to my power-pout honey-trap Mr President it's tough out here for a Lolita-face. Conscious of my xbf’s role in creating my boundary issues with men, conscious of Daddy’s role in producing Sonny's prostitute fixation through repression of his own desires, capable of consenting to or resisting further manipulation by the family of sadistic greedy incestuous uppermclass white patriarchal douchedicks I consider my abusive pimps as it would seem they would rather have me medicine-cabineted into hipster complacency with someone like Shane Smith ( that guy is such a wannabe ) than in their lives being their stripper-ninja finishing what they started with their whacky self-glorifying emotionally-constipated vicious hoser headtrips.

What if I’ve discovered the iRLcase of a man-family of black-market ninja-mistress gangster-harem pimps like oTVcases Bill and Budd in my neighbors from SmallTown Canada??????????? Wifemom is going to be soupset and I hate to ruin dinner she made but the glaring highbrow Daddy McEwan's self-police left his hooker affair masterbottled up long time his lonely throbbing junk corner til it blew up on ( read: violently raped ) his prodigy criminal son’s girl-crush who likes knives so now they have a ninja pet at their intimate disposal oops what are they going to do with that? Slut her out for $Millions? Get her to cut people’s heads off? She is so potentially useful but unstable and horny what a thorny issue how do we resolve it without breaking the law? What law? too Cold for Laws round here Boys. They are stuck to me like glue and they dont even realize their whole senses of self revolve around their confused hierarchal man rivalry for my special vaginatime. I pick their wives. I pick their secretaries. I pick their jobs. I pick their deaths. almost makes up for how awkward a family dinner this is in my journal. creeping footsie does not even begin before I just dont come over for dinner & forgive G's incessantly fucking me and dumping me and pushing me on older men however

O G let me learn to sing and dance then will you love me

Why? of maintaining a harem of ninja mistresses if you’re a high-level drug-dealer is to intimidate rivals ( hands up how many you dudes got a harem of ninja mistresses? That takes skill. My neighbors are jerks but I can admire that ) and defend your turf also you can give mistresses to business partners on condition of trafficking deals or as tokens of good will how romantic  - to have adult women to consent to do these sorts of things on your behalf is quite difficult but if a black-market male could pull it off he would be extraordinarily powerful within reason or I say off with his head ladies.

with more than your Dad's Festering Guilt please

                              for protecting me as best you could considering

Either way it seems a female serial-killer-of-men is as likely a sex-worker as a male serial-killer-of-women goes after sex-workers - sex and death are linked, the one is the illusion of the other, the poetic French understand avec leurs petits morts, the Most of Life is the Peak of Death. I think then the most successful death-dealers would be a lurid couple of Death-Fetishists like fakey-fake Hollywood assassins Mr&MrsSmith lets fill in the Dialogue as it might believably go between two assassins who got married to kill each other and other people to get off on it.

 uh hi my friends I keep to deceive call me G I know this is a bit unUsual for a BF but I'm a Death-Fetishist
you're a Thrill-seeker too Miss Goth I can tell by your Intense Stare
this SmT is Boring and driving me to drink so 
when we grow up and get out of here do you want to be Cultured Assassins who fuck? 
Only if it's as Sxe as in the Movies
yeah for sure Babe I cant even tell the Difference myself - Reality, Movies, Reality - what I do know is you're not as good at keeping my Dark Secrets as I am so until you figure out how that Big Mouth of yours can work for us Angelina I'm going to convincingly pretend I'm a Normie who is only with you Bitch as a Sham! and resents you Powerfully and should you tell on me to my friends or family I'll attack you with my Dad's Gun! 

hahahahahaha what a Fun Game! you in lil Bitche? I prefer kNives
 Together? No we're not together we're just Fuck-Buddies. Whatever he says.
 Aw Dingleberries we burned down the House with Carnal Friction
tell me Mr Smith who should I fake marry now?

like psychedelic realist gangster duo Hap’E BLU and Caleb McEwan from Canadian Classic Splendid inSanity. Being a couple of Death-Fetishists in love gives hired killers a certain integrity acts like protective shield in a nasty business. By that logic the Bride had to quit and Bill had to die because he didn’t fully-respect her as a partner in his life or his business – usually when a man chooses a woman young enough to be his daughter it’s because he wants the playingfield unequal in their sex games. Let this be a lesson to any iRL Bill out there: the most dangerous person to you is the one you instill loyalty into: if you break that loyalty you have signed your own death warrant. The only reliable female assassin who isn’t an androgyne is the woman you honor above all others; the only highly-effective female assassin is one who kills men want or deserve to die at the hands of a woman – the prostitute who services the Death-Fetish – and if you love such a woman it is because you have a Death Wish. We all do, at least a little bit, like the blood-iron taste of the Death-Fetish. How else do you explain what’s oTV?  

Amid the general assumption that they are the more emotional and weaker sex, they are expected to endure continual belittlement and unthinking insult with objectivity and restraint beyond the reach of the ordinary mortal.Women in Sexist Society: Studies in Power and Powerlessness

That's Right BF keep telling yourself and everyone else you've moved on 
when you come to your senses it's Balls to the Wall America 
Love thy Neighbor as thy Self and do not underestimate 

It was Ray Bradbury who pointed out, and maybe others too, but I just happened to hear him say that violence is the quest for identity, and whether you do it a la John Wayne, or a la Negro Riots, whether you do it individually or corporately, the quest for identity can only be satisfied with violence
- Marshall McLuhan
 the eNd