Sensible Recreational-Drug-Trafficking Policies for an eNlightened Nation 2015

Fun Party 

Marijuana Legalization in Canada: where is our Pot headed?

A plethora of opinions regarding the potential of legalizing marijuana in Canada can, I think, be summarized by four broad categories.

believes marijuana, a plant containing the psychoactive compound THC, which can be ingested or smoked to produce a relaxing high or for medicinal benefit, to be a social threat, it’s palliative qualities outweighed by the risk of mass recreational use, and therefore marijuana is best declared illegal across the board, or access to it restricted, lest public consumption lead to at best lethargy and at worst individual psychosis and a dystopian narco-state. The Conservative begrudgingly admits intoxicating marijuana’s medicinal properties: under our current Conservative government access to the drug is legally permitted to the chronically-ill through a cumbersome, ineffectual and oft-rearranged program; meanwhile thousands of otherwise law-abiding citizens procure the drug easily, illegally, on the black-market, to the financial gain of underground mom-and-pop growers and dealers, and the socially-irresponsible organized criminals above them, for its ‘stress-relieving’ capacities, still we have yet to be plunged into national chaos.  While scientific studies exist linking marijuana use to mental-illness and lung disease, scientific studies also exist linking marijuana use to mental-health and pain relief. Can it reasonably be argued recreational marijuana consumption poses a greater risk to citizens than the dangers associated with widely-accepted and encouraged recreational alcohol consumption? It is my opinion that the Conservative stance on marijuana distribution in Canada – it ought to be illegal to purchase marijuana for anything but absolutely medicinal purposes as approved by a physician and the federal government – is outdated, misinformed, and fear-derived. However, studies and anecdotes supporting marijuana’s social and medicinal benevolence are easily overlooked when the issue is as heated as that surrounding recreational drug-trafficking as a whole. Once we permit the acquisition of recreational marijuana, argues the Conservative, what else will we permit? And he’s right about that, it’s a slippery slope.

may or may not be a consumer of marijuana but admits Canada’s crepuscular indulgence, its widespread black-market and restricted licit medicinal availability, has yet to produce any profoundly negative social consequences, besides the inflated profits of organized criminals and the frustrations of inadequately-supplied medical marijuana cardholders. These observable realities – the profitability and availability of marijuana on the black-market,  and the difficulties experienced by those attempting to procure marijuana legally to treat legitimate diseases –plus the apparent financial and social successes of legalized-marijuana in Colorado and Washington, has led the Liberal to flirt with the idea of legalizing marijuana in Canada. But what would a legal marijuana trade in Canada look like? Who would manage it and who would profit? The government? Individual citizens? Small-businesses? Multi-national corporations? These are indispensable questions to ask any Liberal citizen who believes marijuana’s comparative benevolence as a recreational drug and much-documented medicinal properties mean it ought to be made legal for adults to purchase at regulated dispensaries and head-shops.

Pot Partier 
 is an activist on the front-lines of reform to our arcane Canadian marijuana laws. Marc Emery being the most famous example, but you’ll find Pot Partiers in every Canadian city and every Canadian town. They are otherwise average citizens with illegal grow-ops in their garden sheds, passing joints at BBQs and sit-ins, signing petitions in starry-eyed hopes of moving our laws forward into the 21st century, contributing their opinions to newspapers and magazines, campaigning for the rights of the ill to purchase their medicine legally and efficiently, supplying hydroponics, growing for legal medicinal-users, managing head-shops and blowing glass pipes, wondering why it’s taking so darn long for the Conservatives to realize the vast majority of marijuana-users are normal people with jobs and children, maybe a bit flakey and idealistic compared to the norm, but that’s not a crime nor even an expensive drag on tax-payers, most recreational marijuana users are not drug-crazed monsters or delinquent welfare bums or violent organized-criminals. Pot Partiers believe they have the right, as adults, to smoke or ingest or harvest what, in their experience, is a harmless, fun, and in many ways healthy drug, without being persecuted or scapegoated for complex social ills. I think they’re right but many think they’re lunatic hippies.

Organized Criminal 
is the least understood and sympathetic of the four kinds of Canadians with a vested interest in where our pot-laws are headed, but Organized Criminals are the ones who benefit financially from the current policy of Prohibition and whose professional realities will be most affected by a change in legislation. If the marijuana trade is legalized black-market dealers will either legitimize their trafficking businesses and grow-ops or ditch marijuana to focus on popular recreational drugs that stand little chance of being legalized and regulated by transparent authorities: MDMA, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines, and others. While Conservatives, Liberals and Pot Partiers have each found a voice and a place in Canadian politics and media, the Organized Criminal lives and thrives according to the underworld law of omerta, or silence. Nowhere in modern politics, in Canada or elsewhere, will you find an individual or association campaigning for the societal and economic rights of Organized Criminals as such, which means, to my mind, the Gangster Human-Rights Advocate is a political niche waiting to be filled, and, considering I am the first person I know of to point to the absence of an Organized Criminal perspective in the public debate around recreational drug policies, I think I ought to doodle it in. Not because I personally sell recreational drugs ( I don’t, I hang out with people who do and listen to their stories and give them advice ), but because I am willing to take on the difficult task of empathizing with and articulating the position of the professional Organized Criminal in a hypocritical legal culture. Whether or not marijuana is legalized or remains illegal to purchase on the licit-market, Demand for recreational drugs on the black-market will continue to exist so too will the Supply. Sociopaths ill-suited to civilian professions will continue to traffic in illegal recreational drugs to immense personal profit. However under Prohibition that profit is entirely financial: the sacrifices an Organized Criminal drug-trafficker makes when ( usually ) he chooses to earn a ( cash ) living on the black-market include the freedom to speak openly about his professional reality, the professional and personal respect of the vast majority of citizens, living with an ever-present fear of being apprehended and incarcerated for many years, or killed in a deal gone sour or to cover up a deal, therefore constant paranoia akin to psychosis with deceit-as-lifestyle. While I do not personally condone the behaviors of many Organized Criminals ( I dont, they're thugs ), I do feel for them as human-beings: their lives are not easy and the money hardly makes up for it. Organized Criminals supply politicians and judges, celebrities and school-teachers, and yet how many of the citizens who use recreational drugs regularly or occasionally are willing to stand up for and defend a drug-dealers’ right to earn a living selling recreationals harder than marijuana? Shouldnt have gotten caught. It’s not an exaggeration to say: me, alone, defending the Human Right to sell cocaine – whether by Liberals or Pot Partiers the legalization of marijuana is almost always argued for on the basis it will cut into the profits and decrease the numbers of Organized Criminals. People who sell alcohol at liquor stores are not Organized Criminals, nor would the manager of a head-shop or sanctioned grow-op be considered an Organized Criminal, those people stress they dont want to be treated like criminals, however by this logic the only way to do away with Organized Criminals in the drug-trade ( which many citizens would like to see happen ) is to legalize all the recreational drugs, a proposal that terrifies by implying state government itself become a primary distributer of cocaine and meth to individuals. Our current and historical realities ought to be enough to convince those whose glasses aren’t fogged by prejudicial ideologies - no amount of harsh penalties will stop people from selling or consuming dangerous recreational drugs, from marijuana, which can make you dopey, to cocaine and heroin and alcohol, which can kill you and quickly. It extends from this that the way to improve the quality and safety of our neighborhoods is not to take a Prohibitionist stance on recreational drugs but one of Tolerance, where illicit 'illegal' hard drugs are understood as part of the fabric of social and economic life – a right adults have to self-determination – and devise policies that aim for harm-reduction rather than harm-eradication: the Nanny-State recommends you to use a clean needle and know your source. The debate around legal marijuana is not going away, nor is the debate around legal cocaine, though it may be less popular a talking-point at the moment. To open the debate around legal marijuana is to open the whole can of worms that is illicit drug-trafficking as a whole and the social, economic, emotional and personal lives of real human Organized Criminals, no politicians or lobby-groups seem to have the stomach for it. However as members of complex societies of purportedly free individuals we cannot abdicate the responsibility to openly and honestly discuss the facts of professional recreational drug-trafficking on the licit and black-markets. Only when we are willing to look at Organized Criminal drug-trafficking for what it is and has been – a violent, dangerous, deceitful profession akin to international espionage – will we be able to put policies in place that protect citizens and minors, users and sellers, to the fullest extent possible under the circumstances. 

Andrea Coates is the Gangster and Black-Market Human Rights Advocate and Author

I call this a valid profession
I call this unsanitary 
I call this a crime

Sensible Recreational-Drug-Trafficking Policies for an eNlightened Nation 2015

Whosoever has the ideas has the power. While Justin Trudeau, Leader of the Canadian Liberal Party, quite possibly our federal Primeminister come October 2015 elections, has said if elected to office he will legalize marijuana, does he have any idea what a ‘legal’ marijuana-trade in Canada would look like? And if he doesn’t, who does? Marc Emery? Which expert will Bustin turn to in establishing a legal marijuana-trade that hopefully offends no one? How about the Drug-Trade as a whole? Hasn’t he heard marijuana is a gateway drug? Is there anyone in Canada with a realistic notion of how to bring Drug-Trafficking into the ethical, post-modern, light of the Law? Besides me, Andrea Coates, a specter on Facebook? In which case does the power to direct Canada’s profitable underworld and the violent gangsters who populate it lie with me, Andrea Coates, an obscure 26 year-old cyber-punk, and not any elected Primeminister man-in-a-suit?

Fresh and Useful Ideas for a Sensible and Safe-ish Underworld from the Utopian Feminist Philosopher of Sx, Drugs, & Anarky

These words are not written in stone. They are posted on the internet and are untested. However to my knowledge they represent the most comprehensive and realistic approach to Ethical Recreational-Drug-Trafficking proposed in the western world.

Civil society’s inhibitions as regards professional recreational-drug-trafficking are two-fold.

Inhibition#1. if all or most recreational drugs are ‘illegal’, and those caught distributing ‘illegal’ recreational drugs are punished harshly by civilian courts, this practice pushes professional recreational-drug-trafficking into a shadowy netherland of activity only people of questionable moral fiber dare entre, that is pathological liars and sociopaths, the only people can tolerate the degrees of paranoia and falsification necessary to survive as high-level professional recreational-drug-traffickers. I know so much about drug-trafficking because one of my mercurial absentee boyfriends is a sociopath with all the fun character traits of your friendly neighborhood cocaine-wholesaler and my primary(?) motive for becoming a drug-policy activist is to keep him from going to jail for life or getting shot or ODing sadly, for without me to help him his is the spiritually-empty flash-pan life of civil society’s most scapegoated but idolized brute: the corrupt gangster. The Mafia or Cosa Nostra is a cooperative of inbred sociopathic Sicilian outlaw clans. The Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Club, and its various derivative foes, is an international white-supremacist anarcho-syndicate that harbors any number of criminal-lifestylists and criminal-sympathizers. The Mexican Cartels, La Familia, Los Zetos and Sinola, rival the ‘legitimate’ Mexican government for power and influence. These three outlaw establishments, the Mafia, the Hell’s Angels, and the amalgamated Mexican Cartels, dominate the Turtle Island aka North American underworld and are ethically beholden to no-one but members of their own ranks and notoriously difficult to infiltrate, persecute, and dismantle as criminal establishments: the War on Drugs is over and the Cartels have won, though law-enforcement may be unlikely to concede the Cartels won because their existence is valid, if not always their approach, they are robust outlaw legacies unlikely to be going anywhere anytime soon, let alone jail, so let’s make the best of it. The civilian legal policy of penalizing drug-traffickers with imprisonment is ineffective at deterring ambitious alpha-masculine sociopaths, desperate addicts, impoverished ethnic minorities, and those born into gangs from entering the lucrative black-market illicit drug-trade, a profession where clan-ties rule, might is right, and profit is the motive, just like the licit(?) oil industry. In today’s underworld, under conditions of Prohibition, drug-product tampering is rampant to inflate profits, and very common are rip-offs, murders of squealers and rats and defectors, sales to minors, and neurosis among traffickers compelled to live stressful double-lives on the other side of the law with little interpersonal intimacy or sympathy ( for which money is expected to be the compensation? ) while providing a highly-in-demand product/service. No contemporary civilian politician wants to broach the subject of ‘legalizing’ or even ‘decriminalizing’ cocaine-trafficking, but plenty of them want to know a discrete cocaine-trafficker. Swearing drug-trafficking ‘illegal’ in and of itself and punishing outlaw traffickers inordinately for supplying a hungry but hypocritical and apathetic civilian population’s Demand requires police, courts and legislators to effect an often insincere or unnecessarily harsh moral condemnation of drug-traffickers and users, eroding their ethical right to mete out punishment and public trust in their competence as law-enforcement personnel. In a predictably ironic twist my coke-dealer bf’s dad is a reputable Judge and that explains everything about why the son is an irreformable gangster his dad needs to hug and apologize to.

Inhibition#2. if recreational drugs, including those that are dangerous and addictive, are made perfectly ‘legal’ by the civilian state government, that government is perceived as condoning the use of these illicit substances, an unacceptable stance for many voters concurrently opens up difficult to answer and unsettling questions such as – if cocaine is perfectly ‘legal’ does that mean it can be sold in stores? By whom? The government? To anyone who walks in with money? Or do you have to fill out a form or get a prescription? For cocaine? How does a bureaucracy determine who deserves cocaine and who doesn’t and when and where? Full-scale Legalization of dangerous and addictive recreational drugs is a terrifying proposition, even more terrifying than our current, dysfunctional, hypocritical, shadowy Prohibition reality where, instead of the hopefully-transparent Bureaucracy State, a violent, unethical, greedy, opaque Mobster Underworld controls the recreational-drug-trade, ignorance about illicit drugs abounds in state law-enforcement to maintain the hypocritical and unenforceable but preferable position of Prohibition, still state government itself selling recreational drugs conjures a dystopian vision of cocaine walmarts, experimental heroin injection labs, and poor-quality over-taxed federal bud no one wants to visit except in speculative fiction. So even Portugal, with arguably a most lenient attitude towards illicit drugs, has only removed criminal penalties from possession of very small quantities of these drugs, and still actively persecutes the traffickers. Many Central and South American countries are de-facto Narco-states, still drugs are ‘illegal’ there, meaning those countries are profoundly corrupt and politically unstable, as is any country where blatant hypocrisy serves as the government, which holds true for a prosperous and peaceful but self-deceiving Canada as well. No one in Canadian or international politics or media seems to have noticed the massive legitimate power-vacuum that is our current crop of Nordic socialist-liberal-conservative man democrats you can vote for, meaning our national leadership vacuum is about to be filled by me, Andrea Coates, an obscure millennial blogger with better ideas than have any of the tepid man-heads of our registered federal political parties we can take seriously as governments ( sorry Greens ), a warning to people that our coming election will be bunk and a sham, whomever finds himself in office will find himself at my office, for I was elected by God(!) to know more about organizing a country effectively than do the older men at this time and place in our national story, and I’m sorry to burst your democratic bubble Canada, but that is how it is in Nature: might is right and a deft pen is mightier than the military. Unless I am executed for treason I run this country from my vapor lounge.

The difficulty of addressing in easily-digestible sound-bites the questions raised by proposing full-scale ‘Legalization’ and government regulation of recreational-drug-trafficking is such that most politicians have opted for the Prohibitionist stance: with few exceptions ( alcohol, tobacco, coffee, tea, obscure organics ingested by dedicated psychonauts, maybe marijuana ), say Prohibitionists, recreational drugs should be outlawed, confiscated and destroyed if possible, taking them is bad for your health, worse than driving or doughnuts, and to be frowned upon if exposed as a habit ( if you’re discrete and moderate and rich and connected who cares ), people who sell recreational drugs on the Black-Market are criminal deviants who ought to be incarcerated, or, at the most sympathetic end of the Prohibition’s punishment spectrum, rehabilitated with new job skills through early intervention, though how exactly that is supposed to be done besides chaperoned activities for at-risk youth is never made clear.  What is clear, if you’re not blinded by your personal prejudices towards recreational drugs and those who use or sell them, is that our current drug-policies, laws, and unwritten social status-quos are inadequate to address the sordid reality of drug-trafficking as a viable profession for many people, including my psycho upper-class boyfriend and his soon to be hugely embarrassed dad the former Judge. Prohibitionist politicians and law-makers/enforcers are HYPOCRITES. The Demand for recreational drugs among otherwise law-abiding citizens is high, higher among neglected addict populations for whom the drug trumps other lifestyle concerns, but criminalizing drug users and addicts is unjust: the former are predominantly functional worker-bees making a consensual choice to use in their sparetime, the latter are suffering and in need of our help and sympathy, not judgment, criminal records, and further punishment, given addiction is a punishment in of itself for failing to adequately address emotional, spiritual, and sociological malaise. ‘Drug-Addiction’ is the blight of our era but why I don’t know. Understanding these basic precepts of empathy and free-will  - addicts need help; otherwise functional citizens can ingest whatever weekend fun they choose - has led many nations to tacitly or overtly ‘decriminalize’ possession of recreational drugs for personal use, while keeping in place laws that persecute and penalize the traffickers to users and addicts, the traffickers are the ones who profit inordinately from illegal drugs-trades so they are the ones who should be punished for breaking the law-for-squares. While this approach - decriminalize possession, persecute traffickers - is common to many nations, and is certainly practical, it is an untenable moral hypocrisy and therefore doomed to collapse right now.  Penalizing the trafficker ( Supply ) while letting the user ( Demand ) go free is unfair: either both parties are responsible for breaking the law in a consensual drug-sale or both are exempt from legal persecution for conducting a consensual drug-sale, and the same principal holds for sex-trafficking: either both the john and the prostitute are in the law when they consent to trade sex for money, or they are both breaking a law of common-sense: sex you get for money is always disappointing, and if you want a bunch of money for sex that isn’t disappointing you tell the john you won’t have sex for the money.


Is there a way to legalistically approach drug-trafficking that resolves the moral contradictions of Prohibition and Decriminalization of Possession that isnt scary full-scale Legalization? Technically, on the ground reality here, people have the right to ingest whatever toxic substances they want, thats why they keep doing it despite Prohibition, but society at large doesn’t want ingesting toxic substances to get unusually high becoming a prevalent thing and eroding the enjoyability of neighborhoods ( yet you can buy as much alcohol as you want legally down the street because everything’s gotta give ). Is there a way to set up a Drug-Trafficking Gold-Standard where consenting users can feel assured their drugs are clean and fairly-priced without having to buy their recreational drugs from an Orwellian warehouse?  That there exists in popular culture no Gold-Standard text or ideology on the matter of ethical drug-trafficking ( besides this one, which aspires ) suggests the question of how to traffic recreational drugs ethically is difficult to answer, too daunting for most policy-makers, politicians, philosophers, moralists, and gangsters to contend with. I am in a unique position as the kind of bookish prostitute both high-level politicians and drug-traffickers find oooooh attractive, but fear as a threat to their mutual livelihoods – I am eminently fuckable, and sympathetic to the causes, but not in the slightest interested in lying to people on a male drug-trafficker’s or politician’s confused emotionally-retarded short-sighted behalf. I have observed the intimate realities of professionals whose in-born skills place them on the bad side of the civilian state, but cannot be held to omerta for reasons of self-respect, nor kept in ignorance about the menz goingz on, as I am highly intelligent and perceptive and know when I am being lied to and about what even if I haven’t seen you for years it’s all over the body language of people who look like you on google. I believe most successful drug-traffickers are intimately-challenged sociopathic anarcho-capitalist patriarchs whose relationships to the State and Civilian Society mirror their relationships to women and whose professional successes are metaphysically and immediately dependant on their abilities to keep their women happy with them – therefore, the power in the dynamic sits with me, the moll who will talk to whomever has ears to listen, which is suprisingly few people, Canada. It is perhaps relevant that the most comprehensive treatises on the Black-Market, which has maintained its crepuscular existence since time immemorial, have been written by a woman, a species of human only recently granted the prestige of being considered a serious philosopher and essayist along with her vaginaness.

My first proposed innovation to bring about the Golden-Age of Drug-Trafficking is a national ( hopefully international ) understanding of the differences between and necessities of Licit- and Black-Markets.

The Licit-Market – is the ‘legal’ economic market on which most goods and services are traded. Ideally it is perfectly transparent: records of transactions are kept, prices are fair and competitive, suitable taxes are paid to the community, and any and all goods and services the population could demand are supplied by reputable businesses held accountable by law and good sense. The Licit-Market in Canada is, if not perfect, then functional and adequate. The Licit-Market is dry, perfunctory, and not sexy, but any attempts to cheat it are immoral and ought to confer punishment, like cheating on your honest wife or husband.

The Black-Market – is the ‘illicit’ economic market that, ideally, only sells three things: sex, (recreational) drugs, and anarchy, the first two being self-evident, the last not so much, but here is an overview. The Black-Market sells those products and services which, in order to procure, you must ‘know a guy,’ those products which are ‘illegal’ or ‘sinful’ ( also known as ‘vices’ or the ‘vice-trade’ ) but for which Demand for a Supply nonetheless exists and has never not existed, despite persistent efforts by social leaders to behave as if Demand for a reciprocal Supply of recreational drugs, non-committal sex, death-dealing, robbery, gambling, illegal fire-arms, etc, did not exist and ought not exist: no matter how vilified drug-traffickers, sex-workers, and death-dealing pirating gangsters find themselves by mainstream society, people with those professional identities continue to manifest in populations at large unabated by any amount of moralizing or harsh legal punishments. Any product or service for which Demand exists but legal restrictions make it difficult or too expensive to purchase on the Licit-Market, where it ought to be because it is neither a sex-act, a recreational drug, nor an anarchic trade such as a hit, arms for an insurgency, piracy, extortion, etc, will wind up on the Black-Market at a competitive price, and that is anarchy, Demand=Supply, morality having nothing to do with it whatsoever. Every nation on earth has a Black-Market, but the size and power of the Black-Market differs by state. A state in which law restricts many goods and services or makes them too expensive for the general population to afford will manifest a potent and engulfing Black-Market ( example: insufficient Communist Cuba’s second economy of flashy US Dollars ) that will erode trust in licit government rule and political and economic stability in that country – revolutions always start on the Black-Market. Meanwhile a country with a vigorous and open-minded Licit-Market will have a restricted Black-Market. Ideally the Black-Market sells no more than sex, (recreational) drugs, and traditional anarchic product/services in vigilante-justice, arms-to-gangsters, robinhood-theivery,  risky-gambling, etc, that, to the extent the civilian population is well-provided for by the Licit-Market, will not bother the civilian population ( a just civil court system means people don’t have to rely on vigilante justice; ethical gangsters only shoot other professional gangsters like ethical soldiers only shoot other professional soldiers; a well-fed fairly-priced society doesn’t need to steal; most gambling is no more harmful than taking a recreational drug or visiting a prostitute, rights you have as an adult; competent civilian police forces, armies, and private security firms mean civilians don’t have to pay mobster rackets to protect them at inflated black-market prices; police should be protecting civilians from gangster extortion; a powerful and benevolent and accountable state government has no fear of revolution from the underworld, etc ). In other words the relationship between Licit- and Black-Markets is compensational: when the Licit-Market is strong, the Black-Market is negligible, like the small drug habit of a physically-healthy, professionally-successful citizen; when the Licit-Market is weak the Black-Market takes over and corruption and violence run rampant, like the major drug habit of an oppressed underemployed minority in an indifferent city. Both are necessary for economic self-subsistence: you will not find a Nation without a Black-Market, like you will not find an Individual without a Vice. So too societies always manifest the sorts of people who can work the dangerous but TVsexy Black-Market and keep their heads, and in this relaxed Canadian socialism such a person happens to be me, you want it, Andrea Coates she can get it, the trouble is finding her under all the people who will tell you she’s crazy or doesn’t exist, then try convincing her you deserve it, ha ha ha. Where the Black-Market is unbridled you have Corruption, where the Black-Market is negligible you have Integrity; however doing away with the Black-Market and the sorts of people who work it is an impossible fancy and self-defeating practice. Harsh penalties for those who work the Black-Market ( sex-workers, drug-traffickers, death-dealers, pirates, gamblers, etc ) only compounds the suffering in their difficult but necessary lives and breeds corruption and insincerity among law-enforcement personnel and civilians who partake of vices supplied since always and forever by the outlaw gangster 1%.

A: raped the porn-star girl-next-door and became cocaine-traffickers for a family-dynasty oTV in America

As far as I know I am the first Philosopher to make the Black-Market my area of expertise, and here is what I propose to resolve or at least minimize the Conflicts inherent to the relationship between Black- and Licit-Markets, especially, in this particular pamphlet, how inter-Market Friction relates to Recreational-Drug-Trafficking.

1. The Legitimacy of the Black-Market as Separate but Interrelated Meta-Legal Economy
So long as citizen politicians and law-makers disavow the validity of the Black-Market and what goes on there they have no power to more that superficially direct its course or to influence behavior by black-market professionals, other than to cause them to dig their heals in and become more violent and secretive to protect their assets. In order to make black-market professionals ethical and beholden to the general population rather than to their outlaw clans exclusively, to behave with good-will towards all in their vice-trades, it is necessary to acknowledge that the Black-Market exists, has value as a separate ‘illegal’ if not-punishable economy, will remain a separate economy with its own regulations and power-players forever, and relieve mobsters of omerta, the necessity to lie and clam up to protect themselves against an unfairly stigmatizing civilian culture. If mobsters can talk honestly about who and what they are and what they do for a living they will remain ethical in those practices; if they are forced to rely on omerta to survive as what they are unchangeably they will turn destructive towards society at large to protect themselves. Acknowledge that the healthiest Black-Market only sells three things: sex, (recreational) drugs, and anarchy, in the third there is a great deal of wiggle room, and to the extent the Black-Market is growing to encompass goods and services that should be on the Licit-Market, the Licit-Market is weak and unfair and in need of reform to reduce the Black-Market, not the Black-Market in need to reform to assist the Licit-Market, though that is what is happening in Canada: the Black-Market is coming out of the shadows to bolster our otherwise middle-weight Licit-Economy and give it some muscle. Canada will become famous for being the first country in the world, in history, to decriminalize the Black-Market as a separate but distinct Economy in need of a more nuanced approach than Prohibition or Condemnation to work in harmony with the Licit-Economy, rather than draining the licit resources on pointless ‘crime-fighting’. ‘Decriminalizing’ the Black-Market in this context means Black-Market Trades are still ‘illegal’, in that they fall outside the purview of the Licit-Economy, but confer no punishments ( ‘meta-legal’ ) so long as those trades are engaged in by Consenting Adults.  

2. The Role of Consent in Black-Market Transactions
If Consent and Adulthood are absent from Black-Market Trades those trades ought to be considered punishable for the victimizing party and the victim should be duly compensated. Prostitutes can sell sex, pimps can live off the avails, drug-traffickers can sell dangerous recreational drugs, users can buy recreational drugs, gangsters can kill each other, etc, and it is no business of the state government’s to the extent
-prostitutes are legal adults working according to consent not coercion
-pimps are not beating prostitutes for a cut, rather prostitutes are choosing and consenting to their pimps
-the drug user has consented to imbibing a particular drug ( selling someone a mislabeled drug is an offense )
-gangsters have been consensually sworn into ‘the Game’ and are marked accordingly as fair targets for other gangsters
Self-aware Adults have the Human Right to engage in Consensual Black-Market Transactions, any government that attempts to deny adults this right by criminalizing one or both parties, regardless of the presence of consent in the transaction, infantilizes the population and breeds mistrust and revolt among more mature, and therefore more powerful, minds: a political revolution organized by educated drug-traffickers and sex-workers was inevitable in one of the more advanced western nations, I just happen to be leading it, maybe because I am an articulate letter writer and a pretty TV-face and Canada is a big fat flimsy country ripe for the plucking. If the Rule-of-Consent on the Black-Market is found to be broken, state government intervention by police, law-enforcement, courts, social-workers, etc is appropriate. For example
 -when women and children have been kidnapped and forced into the sex-trade by pimps these pimps should be imprisoned or shot
-if pimps are beating prostitutes or taking an unfair cut these pimps should be imprisoned or physically-maimed depending on the severity of their crimes
-if a drug-trafficker is selling to minors they should be imprisoned and given rehabilitating therapy
-if a drug-trafficker is selling an impure product they should be imprisoned

3. Gangsters govern themselves and the State keeps it Simple ie Effective Anarchy and the Respectful Nanny
In a society in which the legitimacy of the Black-Market as a separate but necessary economic entity has been disavowed, gangsters police their own without recourse to the moral values of the general population except to avoid capture and punishment for their illicit livelihoods which yet other citizens enjoy in secret without championing the rights of gangsters to provide for vices except tacitly, in a cowardly manner, by supporting gangster syndicates and watching movies about them. The current organized criminal climate suggests Black-Market Prohibition by staunch civilian law-enforcement is ineffectual at curbing amoral behavior by outlaw gangsters, leads to more amoral behavior to cover one’s tracks, and should be overhauled as a law-enforcement practice, to ensure gangsters are penalized for those crimes they commit that deserve penalization, rather than do what they will insofar as they are able to evade capture on ‘crimes’ that, so long as they supply a consensual Demand, are not crimes at all, and therefore easy to shirk responsibility on. If state police are ignorant hypocrite squares, flexible loyal hipster outlaw gangsters have the advantage. In a Prohibitionist society in which gangsters, or black-market professionals, are persecuted for the wrong ‘crimes’ - selling drugs to a consenting buyer rather than tampering with drugs to increase profits by selling a diluted product; living off the avails of prostitution rather than harboring a misogynistic perspective on women; killing a guy who knew what he was getting into rather than being a law-abiding coward - gross injustices will go unpunished, the short-term profit motive will trump other considerations, and law-enforcement will appear inept and corrupt.  Establishing proper boundaries to the Cops-and-Robbers Game ( and but a game it is folks ) will, I think, go a long way towards curbing amoral behavior by gangsters and police. To my mind those boundaries look like this:
The Job of Outlaw Gangsters is to manage the Black-Market trades in sex, (recreational)drugs, and anarchy, or vigilante justice, to ensure the State does not have a monopoly on violence.
The Job of State Police is to protect State Citizens from the self-serving interests of Outlaw Gangsters, of whom every nation has some by default – I am a prostitute and my boyfriend is a drug-trafficker because there was insufficient Supply of such professionals to meet the Demand in our isolated northern Canadian hometown, not because we are inherently ‘bad people’, and regardless of what our guidance counselors may have recommended, we were the best fit for the roles, me because I am crafty and sexually-voracious, him because he’s a suave upper-class goon. Police are not protecting citizens from much when they confiscate drugs or send a drug-trafficker to jail. They may be further reducing the quality of drugs on the street to compensate for the loss of potential profit after a raid and opening a vacancy for a newer, meaner, smarter drug-trafficker. Vancouver took out the Bacon Brothers and now look what’s shown up that will be much harder to dislodge. Police protect citizens when they prevent drug-traffickers from selling to minors and ensure the purity of drugs by punishing any trafficker who dilutes, tampers with, or sells impure or mislabeled product. So, instead of cops going undercover to catch a guy for selling drugs and bust him, police should go undercover to catch the guys cutting drugs, wherever they happen to be on the pyramid and whatever they happen to be cutting with that defies purity standards, and bust them.  So the quality and reliability of black-market recreational drugs is assured to citizens without these drugs needing to be bought from an alienating government vending-machine with tax.
The Black-Market is inherently violent so as to be self-governing. While it should be police duty to protect citizens from gangland violence, and if any citizen is injured or extorted by a gangster or sold phony drugs police ought to investigate and incarcerate the responsible party, meanwhile gangster-on-gangster violence is none of police business. If a gangster shoots a citizen witness to cover up for himself that gangster should be shot by other gangsters cause he gives them a bad name. If they fail to do so the police can have him, but both police and fellow gangsters should hold gangsters to proper etiquette among their own - if laws are changed so there’s no longer so much needing to be covered up on the Black-Market, less people will die stupidly. If gangsters are legally-recognized as having the right to dispatch violence against their own kind it becomes very important for gangsters to clearly define who has entered the ranks of outlaw death-dealers and have those people be marked with patches or tattoos or ‘made’ to signify consent to vigilante gangland justice, live by the sword die by the sword, and who by contrast is a citizen warranting the Nanny State’s protection. While in many outlaw gangs this is effectively the Code-of-Honor, enshrining it in civilian law holds gangsters up to their own romantic self-images as relatable, family-man antiheros, rather than condemning them as criminals undeserving of freedoms comparatively to the kind of guys who become cops or graphic designers when they grow up. To know that police will only peruse violence against civilians as deserving investigation and court time will, I think, prevent professional gangsters, most of whom are deft liars and sociopathic death-fetishists with extreme power complexes, from hurting civilians to cover up for their being in an ‘evil’ power-mongering cult with a bunch of other weird black-clad bros who like phallicy weapons and lurking and scheming and gelling their hair for a living.

Examples of Civilians who warrant State Police Protection include but are not limited to

-sex-workers employed by gangster-pimps working at clubs and brothels run by gangsters are not themselves gangsters unless the women have been sworn in to a gang and are somehow marked by a tattoo or it will be pretty obvious branding. Feminist separationist outlaw gangs exist and these mostly function exactly as do the patriarchal outlaw gangs – by strict hierarchy enforced by violence. Gangster women, like gangster men, are marked by tattoo or patch, but there are far fewer of them than gangster men, and most women who hang out with gangsters are citizens, sex-workers, wives, family-members and girlfriends, and ought to be protected by state police from attack by outlaw gangsters, who are by nature and necessity violent people.  Any misogynistic violence is to be reported, perused and punished. Misogynistic violence is the most insidious and destructive violence, far worse and more damaging than greedy men in gangs shooting each other for their kicks.

-low-level gang soldiers who are being taken advantage of or bullied by gangsters need to be able to go to police for protection if they are being treated unfairly. Any hang-around who hasn’t been made or marked should be protected from his superiors by state police if requested. Establishing a ‘made gangsters police their own; underlings get state protection’-law would hopefully deter made gangsters from abusing their sycophants, however, if you decide to start working for as a soldier for a gangster you should be aware of what you are getting yourself into - the gangsters could make you disappear and even if your family goes to the cops for ‘justice’ their leads would be slim.

-Children and other family members of gangsters are not gangsters until they are ‘made’ and should be protected from domestic violence by the civilian state. Any gangster caught selling drugs to minors or attempting to recruit youth to a gang or sex-work ought to be imprisoned.

Dealing with Addicts
Another of the reasons the Drug-Trade is inherently violent is because of Addicts, either money-addicts or drug-addicts, both of whom will try to rob you. If you sell a dangerous addictive substance like cocaine or heroin at a street level it makes sense to go about armed: you want the advantage over your customers and for them to know it. At wholesale levels, to minimize the risk of being two-timed or ripped-off, a violent gang-law drug-trade vigilante-justice system must remain in place. Besides state-approved pychoactive emporiums for Joe-Blow and his shopping-cart being a horrifying prospect, citizens innately fear the inherent violence of the Drug-Trade as being inappropriate for bureaucratic governments to engage in - patriotic war espionage in a foreign country is one thing, openly acknowledging the CIA are rubber-stamped drug-traffickers and black-market assassins is another, for your average middle-class voter, whom I am not. Wholesale drug-trafficking should, I think, be engaged in by ‘made’ gangsters who have consented to ‘the Game’, essentially-meaning they have relinquished state police protection in favor of gang support should they find themselves on the nasty end of a vigilante justice campaign, and understand the risks inherent in the business: if you break the rules of the Game and get hurt no one will feel sorry for you. At the street level, I think it is morally acceptable to have an addict physically-harmed to the point they require hospitalization ( where they will hopefully be persuaded to seek treatment ) should the addict persist in trying to buy a dangerous drug after a set Cut-off Limit. Or, if that’s too gory for you, and they live in a country where neither trafficking drugs nor buying them is an imprisonable offence, the dealer could call the cops on the addict, and have him removed to somwheres where he would hopefully be persuaded to seek treatment. Hopefully such a Code-of-Honor and mutual understanding with state police ( the addict is a citizen and should be protected from trying to kill himself with drugs and from outlaw gangster violence even if he’s stupidly asking for it by pestering his dealer ) will reduce the risk from persistent addicts to the fullest extent possible under the circumstances.

I think even in a country where drug-trafficking is no-longer an imprisonable offense, rather an ‘”illegal” black-market trade’ no one is going to arrest you for, because illicit drugs are very valuable and the people who traffic in them are very daring and heists are therefore always a risk, drugs trafficking routes will be kept on a need-to-know basis, and drugs will be smuggled in, and should still be searched for at airports, bordercrossings, ports, etc, and, if found, confiscated, tested for purity, and, if pure, resold to the financial gain of the government, to gangsters with good reputations, and the incompetent smugglers charged; or, if diluted, destroyed, and the offending gangsters fined or imprisoned and given a criminal record for tampering and incompetent smuggling, which will count against them on their underworld resume once they get out of prison. Same goes for those noisy street-pushers. Even if having and selling drugs isn’t an imprisonable offense if you’re out there disturbing a community you should be imprisoned or fined for being a nuisance. A careful drug-dealer who does house-calls is a minimal risk to neighborhood sanctity. And if you’re running your big mouth about where you keep your stash, you’re going to get robbed, in which case the police are under no obligation to help you find your stolen black-market drugs.

I think a table of Illicit Recreational Drug Purity Standards should be drafted and regularly revised and updated as the standard to which all drugs available on the Black-Market are be held. Anyone caught selling or making drugs that do not meet the purity standards will be arrested and imprisoned. The main goal of police as regards drug-traffickers should be Quality and Discretion Control. As well as busting nuisance dealers, police should go undercover to test the purity of drugs, establish a pipeline for impure drugs, and arrest and convict those gangsters guilty of knowingly or unknowingly making or selling impure drugs, with the sentences according to ill-intent, ie a stupid street-pusher too lazy and greedy to test his drugs himself gets less time than a boss who knowingly cuts his drugs to inflate profits or a chemist who makes a slapdash product that endangers lives. Illicit drug purity test kits should be widely available to the public, so users can test the drugs they buy, and if contaminated phone police and report their shoddy dealer who will be arrested and convicted.

Black-Market Money
Because I think the Black- and the Licit-Markets ought to be acknowledged as separate, distinct, but dually-necessary and interrelated economies, to the extent this is the reality the money should be kept separate. Not that there should be two kinds of cash currency, because that would be a headache, but selling sex, drugs, and anarchy is a cash business, and if someone walks in a Licit-Market bank with a bunch of cash he should be viewed as suspicious and reported to police. Drug-money and prostitution-money and stolen-money, etc, ‘dirty-money’ does not belong in a Licit-Market Bank, it belongs in its own kind of bank – Black-Market’ or ‘Offshore’ Banks. And money should not be transferred electronically between a Black-Market Bank and a Licit-Market Bank - that ought to be a crime and investigated if heard about and punished. If you want to reinvest dirty-money in the Licit-Economy you should have to take it out in cash and spend it in cash. This I think will help keep gangster Licit-Market businesses and gangster Black-Market businesses relatively distinct for tax purposes. The Licit-Market is taxed and the Black-Market is not - the minute you launder your dirty money through your licit business you should have to pay taxes on it, while taxing money made on the Black-Market would defeat its purpose, which is to be the mysterious, seedy, selfish brother of the transparent and wholesome and civic-minded Licit-Market.

Licit-Market Recreational Drugs
Some recreational drugs are ‘safe’ and very popular, safe and popular enough to be sold on the Licit-Market as well as the Black-Market. Some, like coffee and tea, are so safe and so popular selling them on the Black-Market is pointless unless there’s a national shortage. A list should be tabulated of recreational drugs ‘safe’ and popular enough to be grown by sanctioned farms, taxed, and sold in Licit-Market stores to card-carrying adults. This list should include but not be limited to alcohol, marijuana, tobacco, coffee, and tea, and should be regularly revised and updated. The most important safe-ish and very popular recreational drug to add to the List of Licit-Market Recreational Drugs grown on farms and available in stores and taxed by the government in Canada in 2015 is marijuana, which is evidentially safer than alcohol, the most dangerous drug on the Licit-Market List, and alcohol should remain the most dangerous drug on the Licit-Market Recreational Drugs List forever; alcohol is an extremely dangerous drug yet too popular in Canada and too easy to make by the average citizen to be kept strictly on the Black-Market or strictly on the Licit-Market. Similarily to how Prohibitions of Gambling and Alcohol led to the early enrichment and entrenched establishment of the devious American Mafia, and Prohibition of Cocaine led to the phenomenon of the vicious Mexican and Columbian Cartels, Prohibition of Marijuana led to the foundation of Westcoast Canada’s uniquely feminist and good-humored LLWAM. Marijuana is largely benign, especially compared to alcohol, and it is easy for the average citizen to grow and process, comparatively to drugs like cocaine or heroin, which have plant bases but require more advanced chemistry to manufacture and so can fairly easily be kept to professional gangsters, and therefore Prohibition, and even Black-Market exclusivity, of the organic recreational drug called marijunana is impossible in Canada, a top international producer, and attempts by the federal government to outlaw marijuana have led to an innovative and rooted organized criminal culture that is more powerful and more fun than the government. Even if they are available in Licit-Market stores, however, because they are easy to grow/make, anyone should be allowed to grow marijuana or tobacco, or make alcohol, and sell it on the Black-Market at their discretion. That is called being an adult and when the government attempts to deny citizens the right to be adults, adults overthrow the government. However if a bad product is being sold on the Black-Market it should be reported and that vendor investigated and their operation shut down. Also if your black-market grow-show gets robbed by gangsters you dont get police help tracking down your product or insurance on it because you didnt have a permit, or maybe you wont be able to sell your bud to a licit head-shop because you dont have certification gurantees you complied with certain quality standards, or whatever makes sense. Conversely perscription medications that have recreational capacity, such as Xanax or Adderall or Ritalin or Perscription Opiates, will be sold on the Black-Market to people without a perscription, that’s just how it goes, but if someone is stealing perscription drugs from a hospital or from sick people, that’s not ethical, and should be punished.


-The Only Law is Love. No break that Rule no break No Laws. ‘Obey the Law’ and ‘No One is Above the Law (implying Civilian State Laws)’ are maxims for children and soliders, not adults and generals.

-When the civilian state of an advanced nation ( that is a nation considers itself above butchering its citizens for harboring a difference of opinion ) drafts and attempts to enforce ignorant draconian laws that are unenforceable and based in shaky moral hypocrisies ( money-sex is illegal! being caught with marijuana is a worse offence than being caught with alcohol! say our elected officials ), this weakens the civilian state to the point it can be collapsed by a frank letter from an outlaw gangster. Canada is learning this humiliating lesson on the internet for the world to see.

-Misogyny is the most dangerous and insidious form of violence. Gangsters aren’t brought down by police, they’re brought down by the metaphysical power of their women, whose behavior reflects their own emotional reality: police only get the leads and the gusto when a gangster’s woman has turned on him. Cosa Nostra was the most sophisticated criminal cartel in North America because the Sicilians held their relationships to women to a higher standard than other ethnic gangsters. We all know about Mafia weddings, but did you know the bride is his boss’s daughter, and his second-cousin, and his sister-in-law’s sister? They have it down to a formula. So now they take their orders from me, a creative feminist. Considerably more starkly than for Licit-Market Professional Males, but true for all people, the careers of Black-Market Gangsters ( like 90% of whom are Men ) mirror their relationships to their Women. Simply copy and paste. For example: the traditional Mafiosi is expected to behave with dignity and respect towards his given wife ( she is his family ) in a patriarchal marriage dynamic where he is the boss and she is the housekeeper, however, because he is a patriarch, it is considered acceptable, even required for percieved virility, by his Cosa Nostra brothers that he also keep a mistress or girlfriend or visit prostitutes, so long as extra-marital affairs are conducted with discretion so as not to disturb the exhalted pure-bred Sicilian family. Translation: the traditional Mafiosi will respect the Code-of-Honor laid down by wiseguys but if he can find a way to enrich himself secretly at your expense, he will, so keep your eye on him, he’s a greedy liar. Or, the popular image of the chauvanistic Biker has his ‘old lady’ subserviant to himself, his club, and his hog. A persistent myth, occasionally true, about Bikers is they ‘turn out’ their old ladies to their club brothers upon special request. Translation: Outlaw Bikers are meatheads, and they value their masculine self-image and man-club-ties above all else, meaning marriages to women are a weak-point for Bikers comparatively to Mafiosi, though Bikers ususally have the physical-strength advantage you are more likely to hear of a Biker abdicating his role as a gangster because his old lady has been pressuring him, being a Biker and being married are not-so compatible the way getting married is an effective means to climb the ranks as a Mafiosi, whose women are usually born into the clan, come with Daddies and Brothers attached, and know no other way of life but gendered segregation and domestic subserviance to a professional criminal, while Mafiosi are at a disadvantage comparatively to the feminist gangsters at LLWAM, whose nebulous gender-relations and respect for the professional capacity and sexual needs of women mean they can flout omerta and topple the prison system. A gangster who is loose with women will be loose with money and loyalties and his tongue and is not trustworthy and should be slapped. A gangster who cannot form a mature, committed bond with a woman is likely to take unnecessary risks and wind up in jail or dead, and I think more likely to rip you off - dont trust a bachelor gangster over the age of 35, he’s hiding something, or liable to go off his rocker, or he belongs in a safer profession. A gangster who is secretly gay will find himself torn between loyalties, he is an informant or defection risk, better to allow gay gangsters than force gangsters to lie about being gay because then they will lie to you about other things. Canada’s most notorious Hell’s Angels rat, Dany Kane, was confused about his bisexuality, lied to both sides, the Bikers and the RCMP, and committed suicide. The gangster with the strongest and most open bond to his woman will be the boss of bosses, if his marriage slips so too will his authority, let this be a lesson to any ambitious man thought a sign of patriarchal power was contempt for the feminine realm: Andrea Coates dominates the whole Underworld and every manly man man man man in it because she is the very rare sort of woman wants to know what you’ve been up to, and the only way to remove her from her position as the Queen is to kill her, but if you kill her she will haunt you and she will rise again, for ideas do not die. 

-Gangsters get away with what they do on the Black-Market that is amoral as regards society as a whole to the extent civilians deny the validity or existence of the Black-Market. The Mafia was able to entrench itself in America’s most powerful cities because for the longest time, decades, police were either bribed or told a transnational organized criminal cartel of intermarried Sicilians was a myth. The Hell’s Angels were able to brutally murderously drive out opposition to their monopoly of the outlaw biker scene because the general public wants to see the Hell’s Angels as burly sympathetic ruffians who only dabble in crime to the extent we all do. My boyfriend was able to manage brothels and nightclubs for kids right under the town’s nose because his dad was the Judge. I am able to topple the Canadian Government with a nudie blog because no one suspects a nudie blog of being capable of such things.

-What is happening in Pacific Canada at the beginning of the 21st century is what happened in Sicily at the beginning of the 20th century. An innovative organized criminal clan culture has organically sprouted due to various social and environmental pressures. In both cases, fertile soil for intergenerational organized criminal establishments gestated in isolated small towns. In both cases mistrust of distant, oppressive government overlords fermented inbred cultism and black-market professionalism. In both cases potential for corruption of the highest state government officials by the criminal cult and consequently a dim ‘second state’ emerged. In both cases the likelihood that licit state government will be able to eradicate shadowing organized criminal clan cultures from their nations is unlikely. Every nation on earth is particularly good at something. Sicilians are particularly talented at patriarchal gangsterism. Westcoast Canadians excel at feminist gangsterism, the more powerful of the two modes of gangsterism, as it is the more ethical.

I think I what I have written here makes sense and is easy to follow and would make a good foundation for an Ethical Drug-Trade in Canada. More sense than how the Drug-Trade is arranged now, with selling drugs considered an Imprisonable Offence by the State, but a conviction easily avoided for top-tier traffickers who never touch the drugs they order around, most of which slip through the State’s square fingers, while quality control of the abundant Black-Market Recreational Drug Supply is wholly absent: greedy unethical drug-dealers get rich poisoning people who have consented with their money to getting high illegally on what might be poison but have no way to hold their dealer accountable for the product they have paid for. ‘Heroin’ ‘cocaine’ ‘mdma’ ‘mushrooms’ ‘hash’ ‘meth’ ‘angel dust’ ‘crack’ - it might be anything and there’s no way to know and no one to call if it’s not what you paid for. The responsibility of state police is to protect citizens from potentially violent gangsters, and that responsibility is not being lived up to in a hypocritical legal culture where the act of selling a drug to a consenting user is considered a crime worse than mislabeling what you are selling. The Black-Market is a reality in every country in the world. Gangsterism is a well-paid profession in every country in the world. In every country in the world, somebody sells illicit recreational drugs. In this part of the world, you better be glad it’s going to be me, an honest and ethical human being who wont even bother to rig your elections. VOTE or DON’T the Black-Market Gangster’s Human Rights @FUNPARTY rulez.

This has been Andrea Coates, with BAM BAM LLWAM: Lotusland Warrior Art Media, the World's First upFront Feminist Cartel

It is Obvious to me from TV on the Internet the World Wants there 2b a Glam-Punk Gangster-Girl from a Foreign Country
 But only I am Actually Crazy enough 2b her iRL@webTV
 so there I will publish a New Honor Code for Black Market Manly Man Menz with their Hard Penises called


While because Drugs belong on the Black Market ( and by 'Drugs' I means Drugs that are Fun as opposed to those that are Merely Useful ) but are Very Profitable, the Civilian State is in a Bind. The Civilian State can classify Some Drugs as ‘Legal’ ( Such as Alcohol, Tobacco, or Marijuana ) and sell these and tax them while classifying Other Drugs as ‘ilLegal’ ( Such as Cocaine, MDMA and Heroin ) and leave them to the Black-Market, but drawing a Rigid Distinction between ‘Legal’ and ‘ilLegal’ Drugs requires those caught selling ‘ilLegal’ Drugs on the Black-Market be punished inOrdinately, which causes those selling ‘ilLegal’ Drugs on the Black-Market to be Duplicitous, which results in ‘ilLegal’ Drugs to be tampered with, either by being Chemically-altered to be smuggled or in Order to inflate the Supply and make More Profits given no One in the State is enForcing Quality Control on the Black-Market while they pretend Drugs are ‘ilLegal’, and so the $ rules Amorally. The Poor Quality of ‘ilLegal’ Drugs that is the outCome of Lack of Quality Control via the State on the Black-Market means ‘ilLegal’ Drugs are More Dangerous to Civil Citizens who take them, which means the State’s Medical and Other Related Xpenses go up, while yet the State does not benefit from the inCreased Profits Black-Market Dealers make on Diluted Drugs, which gives the Black-Market the up on the Licit Market, and thus the State can be toppled by Gangsters. If All Drugs were legalized and taxed by the State the State could enforce Quality Control and Better pay for Medical Costs that are the outCome of Drug-Use, Such as Addiction Treatment Centers and Public Drug-Education Programs, and Full Legalization and Subsequent Taxation of Drugs is a Decent System from that Perspective. However, I believe Recreational Drugs belong on the Black-Market, and don’t believe AnyThing should be taxed, Certainly not the Black -Market, as this would impede its Efficiency and remove from its Purpose ( to be Secretive ). So. Perhaps a Better System is to have Open Intimacy between those heading State Government and those running the Black -Market, as in the Case of Brothers Caleb McEwan, the outLaw Gangster, and Brian McEwan, the Civilian Politician. Because the Guy at the Top of the Gangster Pyramid is Brother to the Guy at the Top of the Civilian Pyramid when the Guy at the Top of the Civilian Pyramid says, “Dear Civil Citizens: Alcohol, Tobacco, and Marijuana are Legal, will be Available in Stores, will be taxed, and this Tax Money used to pay for Drug Addiction Treatment Facilities and Education Programs until we think up SomeThing Better than Taxes, and trust me, we are on it. Drugs besides these 3 are ‘ilLegal’ and will Only be Available on the Black-Market or as Part of Certified Therapy Programs. However the Guy distributing ‘ilLegal’ Drugs on the Black-Market is my Brother, so if there are Any Problems with the Quality of your ilLegal Black Market Drugs, Citizens of Canada, I consider that a Slight on the Honor of my Family, and I will attend to it Personally, which is how Things are done on the Black -Market: Personally. AnyOne caught smuggling or selling ilLegal Drugs Ostentatiously will have to pay a Fine to the State and this Fine will go towards Addiction Treatment and Education Programs. AnyOne caught selling Drugs to Children will go to Jail. AnyOne caught tampering with Drugs to reduce their Quality will go to Jail.” Thus is the Quality of ‘ilLegal’ Black-Market Drugs ensured to State Citizens while at the Same Time their Fear that Hard Drugs will proliferate and Hard Drug-Use is being encouraged by the State, if say All Drugs are made ‘Legally’-Available in Stores, is waylaid. Civilians working the Licit-Market need to understand that the Relationship between Licit and ilLicit, White- and Black-Markets, is Symbiotic, or, Brotherly. Under a Symbiotic Black/White Market outLaw/State System, ‘ilLegal’ Drugs to be sold on the Black-Market are smuggled into a Country via Gangster Black-Market Routes, however, no Effort is made by Police to prevent or intercept this Smuggling or to inCarcerate those who traffic in ‘ilLegal’ Drugs. If a Batch of ‘ilLegal’ Drugs is found to have been tampered with or sold to Children, State Police investigate who is Responsible and State Courts punish those Responsible Appropriately and I will not protect them.  

If you are a Member of a Reputable Gang, do not sell Drugs to People under the Age of Eighteen, and do not employ People under the Age of Eighteen as Drug-Runners or Drug-Dealers. If a Person who is under the Age of Eighteen wishes to try ‘ilLegal’ Drugs they should have to get these Drugs from a Member of their Family. I used MDMA at 16 and I believe my Xperiences with this Drug were Xpansive, however if my Child wishes to use MDMA at the Age of 16, I want them to get it from my Hand and use it under Conditions over which I have Some Jurisdiction.  

Drug Use is Cool. Drug Addiction is unFortunate. One of the Biggest Risks and Moral Quagmires involved in being a Drug-Dealer is handling Addicts. At what point do you refuse to sell to an Addict? ( Money is as Addictive as Any Drug. ) What is your Responsibility as a Purveyor of Drugs towards SomeOne who appears intent on heading down the Wrong Path? I say if you sell Dangerous Drugs it makes Sense to have a Clearly eStablished Cut-off Limit and if SomeOne tries too Hard to buy after the Cut-off Limit have them Physically harmed - beaten up, shot in the Foot, etc, call it the Lesser of Evils. But don’t kill the Person. If you kill the Person that’s on you.

Life Skool of Hard Knocks Stoodent: Hap’E 
the Gang Lolita 
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